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Formed: San Francisco, California, USA

The Offs - San Francisco, California, USAThe Offs - Don Vinil

Initially fine band which fused ska with punk looooong before the likes of Operation Ivy and Rancid, around the same time The Specials were doing it in the UK, in fact. Their first two singles are considered minor classics: Johnny Too Bad, issued by Crack In The World Records, is a cover version of The Slickers' ska classic. The follow-up 45, Everyone's A Bigot, was the first release on local label 415, later home for such luminaries as The Nuns, Red Rockers and a slew of shitty new wave bands. By the time of third third single, released on another label (Max''s Kansas City!), they were starting to lose firepower: the A-Side betrayed a major soul influence, and the saxophone was becomingly tiresomely prominent. When they finally got around to making an album in 1984, First Record was universally slated for being a slick boring ska/rock LP. And oh, it was on yet another label, the famously dodgy CD Presents.

Not included in the discogaphy below is the 12" single by Earl Zero entitled Zero Vs. The Offs, which came out in 1981 on Epiphany (EDS-4). Although the B-Side features a credit as songwriter and arranger for Offs guitarist Billy Hawk, I am not sure if this is an actual record by the Offs.

LINEUP 1 1978:

Don Vinil - vocals
Billy Hawk - guitars
Robt. Morgan aka Rob Strange - bass
Chris Olson - drums

LINEUP 1984:

Billy Hawk - guitar
Don Vinil - vocals
Bob Steeler - drums, vocals
Eric Peterson - bass
Roland Young - saxophone, vocals
Richard Edson - trumpet


Singles / Albums

The Offs - Johnny Too Bad The Offs - Everyone's A Bigot The Offs - You Fascinate Me The Offs - First Record  
Johnny Too Bad
(7", 1978)
Everyone's A Bigot
(7", 1978)
You Fascinate Me
(7", 1980)
First Record
(LP, 1984)

Extraneous Releases

The Offs - Californian Skapunk Pioneers The Offs - Live At The Mabuhay Gardens Nov 7 1980      
Californian Skapunk Pioneers
(CD, 1997)
Live At The Mabuhay Gardens Nov 7 1980
(CD, 2000)

Various Artists

Can You Hear Me? Music From The Deaf Club US LP 1980 (Optional/Walking Dead): Hundred Dollar Limo / Die Babylon / I've Got The Handle

415 Music US LP 1980 (415 Records): I've Got The Handle

Let Them Eat Jellybeans! US LP 1981 (Alternative Tentacles): Everyone's A Bigot

Eastern Front US LP 1982 (ICI/Sanoblast): One More Shot





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