Various - Eastern Front

Various - Eastern Front

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US LP 1982 (ICI Sanoblast - CF3000)

1 D.O.A. - Unknown
2 D.O.A. - Fucked Up Baby
3 T.S.O.L. - Love Story
4 The Lewd - Suburban Prodigy
5 War Zone - Marriage Of Convenience / Yahoo Song
6 Flipper - Ever
7 The Offs - One More Shot
8 The Wounds - Beach
9 Tanks - My Town
10 Toiling Midgets - Tomorrow Never Knows

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The Eastern Front: produced by Wes Robinson
Sound Amplification: Third Ear Sound Co.
Stage Manager: Rodney Roadie
Associated Producer: East Bay Ray
Associated Executive Producer: Clem Fisher
Mastered at Quad-Tech, Hollywood, Calif., by Mike Zellner
Music Recorded, Produced and Mixed by Tom Mallo

Reviews & Opinions

JEFF BALE, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #2, SEPTEMBER 1982: A nice concept almost ruined by disorganization. Meant to be an aural chronicle of an outdoor punk fest held in Berkeley in the summer of '81, this LP unfortunately reflects many of the event's shortcomings. There's no list of songs on the cover, no sheet or booklet with info on the bands, and, worst of all, the original recording speed was way too slow. I don't know whether the generator used to record the bands kept frying out or what, but I do know that all the singers have been miraculously transformed into slow-motion bassos and all the groups sound embarassingly out of tune. No one gets away unscathed, but noisy thrashers WAR ZONE are really hurt, having lost velocity and been censored (an anti-Bill Graham rap before "Marriage of Convenience" is missing). Fortunately the punk (DOA, TSOL, LEWD WAR ZONE, FLIPPER) and post-punk sides (OFFS, WOUNDS TANKS, TOILING MIDGETS) have been segregated, but on the whole this LP proves that good intentions alone do not a good album make.

Additional Notes

Followed by a second volume, also called Eastern Front.


Various - Eastern Front - US LP 1982 (ICI Sanoblast - CF3000) Various - Eastern Front - US LP 1982 (ICI Sanoblast - CF3000)

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