Formed: Boyle Heights,
East L.A., California, USA




Band Bio from Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias:

The Stains were an underground band started in 1976 by Jesus Fixx (aka Jesus Amezquita) and Robert Becerra. The band went through many personnel changes and two noteworthy genre changes during its existence. They began as a heavy metal band, then shifted to jazzcore, then regressed to fast and furious rock'n'roll with improvised passages à la Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream or The Who, inspired by members' first encounter with a Ramones album. Robert Becerra was heavily influenced by Carlos Montoya, Ritchie Blackmore, Jimi Hendrix, and Andrés Segovia.The Stains had their start in Boyle Heights. They were soon hated by many in East Los Angeles for their nihilist attitude, but became very popular among street punks in South Bay and Hollywood. Later in their career, they gained some notoriety in Latin America and Europe. Theirs was a violent and unpredictable stage show with excellent musicianship.Their off-stage behavior was infamous, as the would show up at Brat, Los Illegals gigs, or other shows, and break them up with their Stormtroopers and Stainettes. They flaunted Nazi symbols, even performing as the "Young Nazis" in quasi-paramilitary gear. Other times they would dress like Pachucos, or Revolution-era Mexican bandit costumes, like Pancho Villa. Jesus Fixx even would even go as far as dressing as a Federal officer or Nazi officer, and was almost killed on First and Soto Streets in East Los Angeles.

Punky Gibbon adds:

Stains is classic hardcore in the early Black Flag vein, but with some weirdo heavy metal/thrash touches, and it deserves a CD reissue, or even a vinyl reissue. Come on Greg Ginn, you had these tapes in 1981 and didn't release it until 1983 (by which time the band was no more), and it's never been issued on CD, so stop being a twat and reissue it (or let someone else do it).


Singles / Albums

Stains - Stains        
(LP, 1983)


Various Artists

Chunks US 12" 1981 (New Alliance): Sick And Crazy

The Future Looks Bright Ahead US Tape 1981 (Posh Boy): Pretty Girls

The Blasting Concept US LP 1983 (SST): Get Revenge






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