Various - The Future Looks Bright Ahead

Various - The Future Looks Bright Ahead

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US Tape 1981 (Posh Boy - PBC-120)

A1 Shattered Faith - Another Day Passes
A2 Shattered Faith - The Verdict
A3 Shattered Faith - Trilogy
A4 T.S.O.L. - Peace Through Power
A5 T.S.O.L. - Abolish Government / Silent Majority
A6 Social Distortion - Playpen
A7 Social Distortion - Justice For All
A8 CH 3 - Waiting In The Wings
A9 CH 3 - Manzanar
B1 Minutemen - The Punch Line
B2 Minutemen - Warfare
B3 Minutemen - Straight Jacket
B4 Minutemen - Tension
B5 Descendents - Hey, Hey
B6 Descendents - My Dad Sucks
B7 Descendents - I Like Food
B8 Descendents - Der Wienerschnitzel
B9 Saccharine Trust - We Don't Need Freedom
B10 Saccharine Trust - Mad At The Company
B11 Saccharine Trust - Success And Failure
B12 Black Flag - Six Pack
B13 Black Flag - I've Heard It Before
B14 Black Flag - American Waste
B15 Stains - Pretty Girls

Chart Placings



Side A:
Covina High Music BMI, Produced by Robbie Fields / (P) 1981 Posh Boy Records

Side B:
1-8 New Alliance Music BMI
9-15 SST Music BMI
1-11, 15 Produced by Spot
12-14 Produced by Spot and Geza-X
1-4, 9-15 (P) 1981 SST Records
5-8 New Alliance Records

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Reissued as The Future Looks Brighter with some different tracks.


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