Toxic Reasons

Formed: Dayton, Ohio, USA, 1979


Singles / Albums

Toxic Reasons - War Hero Toxic Reasons - Ghost Town Toxic Reasons - Independence Toxic Reasons - God Bless America Toxic Reasons - KIll By Remote Ciontrol
War Hero (7", 1980) Ghost Town
(7", 1981)
(LP, 1982)
God Bless America
(7", 1984)
Kill By Remote Control (LP, 1984)
Toxic Reasons - Within These Walls Toxic Reasons - Bullets For You Toxic Reasons - Dedication 1979-1988 Toxic Reasons - Anything For Money Toxic Reasons - Fashion For Fascism
Within These Walls
(LP, 1985)
Bullets For You
(LP, 1986)
Dedication 1979-1988 (LP/CD, 1988) Anything For Money (LP/CD, 1989) Fashion For Fascism (Tape, 1990)
Toxic Reasons - In The House Of God Tozxic Reasons - No Peace In Our Time      
In The House Of God (CD, 1993) No Peace In Our Time (CD, 1994)      

Extraneous Releases

Toxic Reasons - Nobody Tells Us EP Toxic Reasons / Zero Boys Split Tozxic Reasons -    
Nobody Tells Us EP
(7", 1991)
Toxic Reasons / Zero Boys (7", split, 1992) Live Berkeley Square December 1981
(LP, 2014)

Various Artists

Charred Remains US Tape 1981 (Noise Records): Somebody Help Me

The Master Tape US LP 1982 (Affirmation): Mercenary / Drunk And Disorderly

Symphonies For The Disaffected UK Tape 1985 (Beer Belly): Destroyer / Mercenary

We Don't Need Nuclear Force Germany LP+7" 1986 (Mülleimer): God Bless America / Can't Get Away

We Won't Be Your Fucking Poor UK 2xLP 1986 (Mortarhate): Powercrazed

Nothing Lasts Germany 7" 1991 (Flex!/Bitzcore): Somebody Help Me




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