Various - We Wont Be Your Fucking Poor

Various - We Wont Be Your Fucking Poor

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UK 2xLP 1986 (Mortarhate - MORT 13)

A1 Post Mortem - The Casualty
A2 Political Asylum - Apathy
A3 Kulturkampf - Please Help
A4 Distrust - Tortured Agony
A5 Stagnant Era - Kick Back, Question, Disobey
A6 Corpse - America Out
A7 A.O.A. - Animal Instincts
A8 Conflict - How Many More Lies
B1 Dirge - The Right to Refuse
B2 The Assassins - Red River Run Deep
B3 Vertical Hold - Out On a Limb
B4 Nocturnal Emissions - Cute Toy Beagle
B5 KC and the Moonshine Band - Which Side
B6 The Fiend - What a Future
B7 Toxic Reasons - Powercrazed
C1 Shrapnel - Unjustified Actions
C2 Revulsion - Victim
C3 Nick Toczek - Sheer Funk
C4 Stone the Crowz - Skin Deep
C5 Death Sentence - Nuclear Attack
C6 Classified Protest - Music For the Street
C7 Systematic Annex - Death Trades
C8 Fallout - Aids Charade
D1 D.O.A. - General Strike
D2 Miasma - Rough Justice
D3 Indian Dream - Insult to Injury
D4 Sacrilege - Dig Your Own Grave
D5 Virus - The Turkey
D6 Abreaction - Drugged Up to the State of Normality
D7 The Waste - Dig Up the Duke
D8 Diatribe - I'm Your Leader
D9 Oi Polloi - No Filthy Nuclear Power

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UK Indie Hit: 22, 4 wks


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Various - We Wont Be Your Fucking Poor - UK 2xLP 1986 (Mortarhate - MORT 13)Various - We Wont Be Your Fucking Poor - UK 2xLP 1986 (Mortarhate - MORT 13)

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