Various - Symphonies For The Disaffected

Various - Symphonies For The Disaffected

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UK Tape 1985 (Beer Belly - no cat no)

A1 Stalag 17 - Smash The Front
A2 Amebix - Arise
A3 Amebix - Darkest Hour
A4 Conflict - Tough Shit Mickey
A5 The Clash - White Man
A6 Icons Of Filth - Fucked Up State
A7 Broken Bones - Decapitated
A8 Disorder - Daily Life
A9 Uproar - No War No More
A10 Toxic Reasons - Destroyer
A11 Toxic Reasons - Mercenary
A12 Anti System - Gov't Lies
A13 Anti System - Anti-Sniffing Song
A14 The Instigators - Old Is Sad
A15 Riot Squad - In The Future
A16 Mau Maus - Facts Of War
B1 Chaos U.K. - Kill Ya Baby
B2 Chaos U.K. - Victimised
B3 Onslaught - Skullcrusher
B4 Conflict - Intro
B5 Conflict - From Protest To Resistance
B6 Conflict - Increase The Pressure
B7 Subhumans - Animal
B8 Subhumans - Zyklon B Movie
B9 Subhumans - Religious Wars
B10 Rubella Ballet - Slant & Slide
B11 Rubella Ballet- Belfast
B12 The Sears - Don't Dictate
B13 The Sears - System Psycho
B14 Bannlyst - Goodbye Mother Earth
B15 Exit-Stance - Operation Successful
B16 Eat Shit - Bomb Blast
B17 Antisect - title unknown
B18 Oi Polloi - Ain't No Feeble Bastard

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Live at the Station, Gateshead 14/12/84

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MARTIN SPROUSE, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL, JANUARY 1986: An excellent comp which features some Of The more popular politically conscious bands involved In The scene such as CONFLICT, OI POLLOI, ANTI-SYSTEM, STALAG 17, ICONS Of FILTH, and The list goes on. All The songs were recorded live at England's infamous Station Club. Good sound quality. Recommended.

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Image from gabes UK82 blogspot, Slaughter On The Innocents, where you can also download the tape.


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