Various - Big City's One Big Crowd


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US LP 1985 (Big City - BCR 7)

A1 Unjust - Cannibals
A2 Armed Citizens - The Lost Cause
A3 Armed Citizens - Forfeit
A4 Ultra Violence - I Threw It Away
A5 Ultra Violence - Toxic Waste
A6 Sheer Terror - Fashion Fighter
A7 Sheer Terror - Rome Song
A8 Psychos - Before
A9 Shok - No Hope
A10 Krieg Kopf - Warhead
A11 Bloodlust - Coney Island Massacre
A12 Javi And The Bastards - Big City
B1 Pleased Youth - Nightmare Reality
B2 Pleased Youth - Your Different
B3 Sacred Denial - Sacred Denial
B4 Bodies In Panic - Time
B5 Stetz - Top Secret
B6 Bedlam - Lost In Space
B7 Bedlam - Knife In My Back
B8 Adrenalin O.D. - Love Song
B9 76% Uncertain - Another
B10 Vatican Commandos - Wonder Bread
B11 Chronic Disorder - Waiting
B12 The Almighty Seizure* - Socialcide
B13 Violent Children - Violent Children

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