Formed: New Jersey, USA


James Dunlevy - vocals
Thomas Koprowski aka Tommy K. - guitars
Frank Greco - bass
Stephen "Rhino" Gawryluk - guitar
Scott Frank - drums

Hardcore types who along with members of Adrenalin O.D. ran Buy Our Records.



Singles / Albums

Bedlam/Adrenalin OD -Caught In The Act Bedlam - Bedlam Bedlam - Lost In Space    
Caught In The Act (7", split with Adrenalin O.D., 1984) Bedlam
(LP, 1984)
Lost In Space
(LP, 1986)

Various Artists

New Jerseys' Got It? US LP 1985 (Buy Our Records): Mongoofy / Burn One

Big City's One Big Crowd US LP 1985 (Big City): Lost In Space / Knife In My Back

All For One...One For All US CD 1995 (Grand Theft Audio): Dioxin



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