Various - Bullshit Detector Two

Various - Bullshit Detector Two

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UK 2xLP 1982 (Crass - 221984/3)

A1 Waiting For Bardot - Voice Of U.K. 4:29
A2 Omega Tribe - Nature Wonder 1:34
A3 Suspects - Random Relations 6:04
A4 Your Funeral - Think About It 1:35
A5 Kronstadt Uprising - Receiver Deceiver 1:54
A6 Deformed - Freedom 2:11
A7 No Label - Let's Get It Right 1:51
A8 The Rejected - Same Old Songs 0:30
B1 Boffo - Garageland 1:40
B2 XS - Fuck The System 2:42
B3 Polemic Attack - Manipulated Youth 1:48
B4 A. Gardener - A. Gardener's Song 1:17
B5 Toxic - Tradition Of Slaughter 2:19
B6 1984 - Breakup 1:56
B7 Unknown Artist - Insert 0:24
B8 Toxik Ephex - Police Brutality 1:51
B9 Sic - Low 1:19
B10 Molitov Cocktail - Ain't Got A Clue 0:42
B11 Naked - Mid 1930's (Pre-War Germany) 2:48
C1 Capital Punishment - We've Realised The Truth Now 1:12
C2 Anthrax - All The Wars 1:41
C3 Unknown Artist - Slaughter Of The Innocent (Curiosity Kills) 1:22
C4 Pseudo Sadists - War Games 1:32
C5 Total Chaos - Psycho Analysis 1:30
C6 Dougie - War Without Winners 1:54
C7 St. Vitus Dancers - The Survivor 3:11
C8 Stegz - Christus Erection 1:18
C9 Metro Youth - Brutalised 3:27
D1 Normality Complex - Black Market Shadow 1:48
D2 Youth In Asia - Power & The Glory 2:56
D3 Riot Squad - Security System 1:24
D4 Destructors - Agent Orange 3:20
D5 The Pits - U.K. In Dreamland 2:11
D6 The Bored - Riot Style 1:57
D7 Toby Kettle - Theatre Comment 1:25
D8 Chumbawamba - Three Years Later 1:44
D9 Passion Killers - Start Again 1:46
D10 Amerikan Arsenal - Get Off Yr Ass 2:24

Chart Placings

UK Indie Hit: 4, 19 wks


Tracks selected by Crass

Reviews & Opinions

STEVE SPINALI, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL, November 1982: Those who found B.S. Detector 1 disappointing may be pleasantly surprised at the quality and intensity of this important double album set from the people at Crass. The musical spectrum ranges from the experimental and poetic right through to the thrashiest of contemporary hardcore, and the tracks by Boffo, Riot Squad, and The Suspects are worth the price of admission in themselves. In addition, you'll find this to be the best document of the current British underground scene to date.

PUNKY GIBBON: A vast improvement over Bullshit Detector, a fair amount of this is excellent, entertaining even. I could do without the shit arty/experimental offerings by Waiting For Bardot (maybe if they were good) and the awful spoken-word poetry, but many of the straight-ahead punk cuts (Omega Tribe, Anthrax, Naked, Kronstadt Uprising, Metro Youth, etc) are actually enjoyable, and the six-minute Suspects track is notable for for the John Cooper Clarke soundalike on vocals and extensive rock-star soloing (over a reggae beat). Kudos to Your Funeral for the single worst-sounding recording ever, though.

Additional Notes

Track timings are my own.


Various - Bullshit Detector Two - UK 2xLP 1982 (Crass - 221984/3) Various - Bullshit Detector Two - UK 2xLP 1982 (Crass - 221984/3)

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