Reality Control

Formed: Newcastle-Upon Tyne, England, UK

"Reality Control were the Sound of the Newcastle suburbs! Heaton Manor's very own Anarcho Punk band! Their first 7" The Reproduction Of Hate was well received but due to a number of reasons, though largely connected with frequent line up changes, they only released one other record which was Within These Walls, a split flexi disk with their friends the Blood Robots (which contained Flat Earth founders Sned and Micky).

Aside from these two releases they recorded a number of demo's, one of which, The Happy Face, predated The Reproduction Of Hate EP, one of which spawned the split flexi and at least two others which seemed to get repeatedly remixed but never released... The Bullshit Detector Three track "The War Is Over..." is taken from The Happy Face demo, though interestingly the good folks of Crass cut the end of the song off and put it on the start! 2.46 minutes is the end of the song and the bit immediately after that is actually the start of the song! Some fairly impressive and seamless editing by the folks at Southern Studios!"

REALITY CONTROL - Who are we to questions your superiority?

Thanks to Henk from UK82 for letting me use his text/images.


Singles / Albums

Reality Cointrol - The Reproduction Of Hate Reality Control / Blood Robots - Wityhin These Walls      
The Reproduction Of Hate
(7", 1983)
Within These Walls
(7", split with Reality Control, 1984)

Extraneous Releases

Reality Control - Document: 1980 - 1985        
Document: 1980 - 1985
(LP+CD, 2013)


Reality Control - The Happy Face Reality Control - While We Live In Cages... Reality Control - 3rd Demo    
The Happy Face
(Tape, 1983)
While We Live In Cages...
(Tape, 1984)
3rd Demo
(Tape, 1984)


Various Artists

Live 23.10.82 The Bunker UK Tape 1982 (self-released): Heaven And Earth / State Of Emergency / Forgive Us / Atheist / Ignorance / Statement From God / God's Blood / Sunny Outlook / Nice / Priest / Soldier Boy / But Has It Been Won?

An Alternative To Oblivion UK Tape 1982 (Stepping Out Tapes): Heaven And Earth

Religious Vomit UK Tape 1983 (Public Disturbance): Out In The Cold / Nice!

Who Is The Enemy? (An Anti War Protest) UK Tape 1983 (Wheatabrain-5): Tears Of Blood

"Yes You Guessed It" UK Tape 1983 (Still Dying Tapes): God's Blood / (The War Is Over) But Has It Been Won?

Is Music Dead? (Religious Vomit 2) UK Tape 1984 (Public Disturbance): Doublethink / Sugar + Spice (Live)

Bullshit Detector Three UK 2xLP 1984 (Crass): The War Is Over

Compulsory Overtime US LP 1985 (Dasein): Sugar And Spice / The Law

Somewhere Over The Rainbow There's A Better World UK Tape 1985 (LOL Tapes): Hellfarm / The Sun Shines (Live)

Give Peace A Chance UK Tape 1985 (LOL Tapes): Double Think / Into Tunnels

Anthems Of The Black Icon UK Tape 1980s (Social Disorder Tapes): Athiest / Sunny Outlook

Anti-Society: Anarcho-Punk Compilation Vol. 3 UK CD 2006 (Overground): Forgive Us




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