Various - Cascades 82

Various - Cascades 82

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France Tape 1982 (V.I.S.A. - AF 000)

A1 Zounds - Dirty Squatters
A2 Lucrate Milk - Dritte Blind Mouse
A3 Guernica - Reme Rema
A4 Orchestre Rouge - Slugs
A5 The Insane - El Salvador
A6 Brigades - Consume And Die
A7 Les Beruriers - Les Beruriers
A8 Les Coronados - Shot Sown
B1 Tokow Boys - Petite Rockette
B2 1 Test 1 - Larry
B3 Orchestre Rouge - Second Grate
B4 Vae Victus - Mort De Rire
B5 Zion Gang - Zion Land
B6 Null and Void - Untitled
B7 UK Decay - For My Country

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This came in a zip-bag containing a 48-page booklet "Passeport pour l'exportation".


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