Various - A Country Fit For Heroes

Various - A Country Fit For Heroes

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UK 12" 1982 (No Future - oi 3)

1 Blitzkrieg - The Future Must Be Ours 2:38
2 Violators - Die With Dignity 3:12
3 Violators - Government Stinks 2:21
4 Hostile Youth - Fight Back 1:52
5 The Samples - Government Downfall 3:24
6 One Way System - Jerusalem 2:51
7 Attak - Blue Patrol 2:32
8 Protest - Orders 3:28
9 Crux - C.L.A. 2:03
10 Distortion - Action Man 1:43
11 Pseudo Sadists - Power Schemes 3:02
12 Chaotic Youth - Whose Bomb 2:57

Chart Placings

Indie Hit: 4, 8 wks


Blitzkrieg (Skelmersdale):
A 'do it yourself' band this lot gigged with Chron Gen & the INSaNe, they are Mick Riff - Vox, John - Drums, Chris - Bass, Gaz - Guitars

Recently signed to No Future this New Mills band will be releasing a single soon. More info on the band in 3-4 wks

Hostile Youth
Bass Martin. Paul drums. Dave vocals. Neil Guitar
Theyve just lost their practice hall thats the price of fame!!!??

The Samples (Worcester):
Badger -- Vocals. Dave --- Guitars. Pascal -- Bass. Rick --- Drums

One Way System (Fleetwood):
Gav - Mouth. Craig - Guitar. Bob - Drums. Gaz - Bass
Influenced by the Subs & Rejects the track we picked was recorded shortly after the band formed. They have since changed drummers and have a single 'Stab The Judge' released on Lightbeat Records.

Lindsay McLennan, Gary Basnett, Sean Chadwick are Attak.....
The next full frontal assault from No Future will be the three track EP 'Today's Generation' as subtle as a three tonne sledge hammer at a velocity of approx 150 mph....................

Protest (from Manchester):
Mick - Guitar. Sacky - Voice. Phil - Guitar. Si - Bass

Crux (Nuneaton):
Guitar Mick. Andy Vocals. Drums Andy. Tez Bass.

Just a week before the cutting of this EP a tape arrived at No Future and Action Man was picked out. More from this lot soon.

Pseudo Sadists (Swansea)
Iva - voice. Sid - guitar. Greg - bass. Hooky - drums
Formed in January 81. 'Power Schemes' is taken from an 8 track Cassette they released. It sells for 80p.

Chaotic Youth (Beith):
John - Voice, Ian, Riki, Tommy

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Additional Notes

Liner notes: This is a selection of songs taken from the many demo tapes we have received over the past few months. The material is a good cross section of what new Punk & Skin bands are doing up and down the country. We think these new bands deserve to be heard. OK some of them may not be the greatest but at least their efforts have been rewarded on vinyl and hopefully it will give encouragement to those of you that have recently started a band. Finally if you have paid more than £2.25 for this 12" E.P. take it back to the place where you bought it from, get your money back and tell them to stuff it. Post £2.25 to us at the address below and we'll send you one.

Reissued on CD as a twofer: A Country Fit For Heroes - Volumes 1 & 2.


Various - A Country Fit For Heroes - UK 12" 1982 (No Future - Oi 3)Various - A Country Fit For Heroes - UK 12" 1982 (No Future - Oi 3)

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