Various - Dig This: A Tribute To The Great Strike

Dig This

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UK LP 1985 (Forward Sounds International - Forward 002)

A1 Poison Girls - Cry
A2 Poison Girls - Voodoo Pappadollar
A3 Mekons - Flitcraft
A4 Mekons - Trouble Down South
A5 Men They Couldn't Hang - Jack Dandy
A6 Men They Couldn't Hang - Rawhide
B1 Akimbo - The Rap
B2 Steve Lake - Turn Out The Lights
B3 Leningrad Sandwich - We Will Rise
B4 The Ex - We've Got Everything We Never Wanted
B5 Omega Tribe - Young John
B6 Chumbawamba - The Police Have Been Wonderful
B7 Chumbawamba - Fitzwilliam

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