Various - Eject It

Various - Eject It

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UK Tape 1983 (Holocaust Tapes - HT1)

A1 Criminal Justice - The Race Is On
A2 Political Asylum - System Of War
A3 Political Asylum - Autonomous Youth
A4 Blood Robots - The Valley
A5 Blood Robots - Poppies
A6 The Abductors - Your Decision
A7 The Deceased - Realisation
A8 The Deceased - I Don't Wanna Die
A9 Self Abuse - Teenage
A10 Self Abuse - Beirut
A11 Stress - State Of Decay
B1 Flux Of Pink Indians - Left Me To Die
B2 Diabolists - Devil Surrounds Me
B3 Diabolists - Ashes To Ashes
B4 Kulturkampf - Violent Pride
B5 Kulturkampf - General Instigators
B6 Shrapnel - Fight For Freedom
B7 Shrapnel - Missile
B8 Impact - Law Of The Land
B9 Impact - Your Decision
B10 Legion Of Parasites - Savages
B11 Legion Of Parasites - Hypocrite

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