Formed: Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Tyne and Wear, England, UK

Bloke from Blood Robots

Anarcho punks.



Singles / Albums

Reality Control / Blood Robots - Wityhin These Walls        
Within These Walls (7", split with Reality Control, 1984)        


Blood Robots - You Fuel The Fire Blood Robots - 2nd Demo Blood Robots - One Step Ahead    
You Fuel The Fire (And Fan The Flames)
(Tape, 1983)
Blood Robots
(Tape, 1984)
One Step Ahead (Tape, 1984)    

Various Artists

Eject It UK Tape 1983 (Holocaust Tapes): The Valley / Poppies

Religious Vomit UK Tape 1983 (Public Disturbance): Where's The Blood? / Leaves (Live)

Tracks From The Station UK LP 1984 (Gateshead Music Collective): Dust

Compulsory Overtime US LP 1985 (Dasein): Black

Technicolor Yawn UK Tape 1985 (SAS Records): tracks not known



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