Various - Flipside Vinyl Fanzine Volume 1

Various - Flipside Vinyl Fanzine Volume 1

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US LP 1985 (Gasatanka/Enigma - E-1099)

A1 The Dickies - Gigantor (Live Cleveland Agoura) 2:23
A2 Government Issue - Religious Ripoff 1:07
A3 The Freeze - No One Is Ever Coming Home 1:22
A4 White Flag - Question Of Intelligence 2:35
A5 Kraut - Flossing With An E String 1:40
A6 F - Attack 2:50
A7 Plain Wrap - Meat Between The Treads 0:08
A8 Flag Of Democracy - Madhouse 1:45
A9 T.S.O.L. - Suppose They Gave A War... 3:38
A10 Adrenalin O.D. - Me Three Bunch 2:06
B1 Scream - Fight 1:33
B2 The Undead - In Eighty Four 2:59
B3 FU's - Warlords (Live On WERS FM Boston) 2:30
B4 Black Market Baby - Total Waste 2:48
B5 Psycho - Master Race 1:17
B6 Gay Cowboys In Bondage - Domestic Battlefield 2:44
B7 Borscht - Suburbia 1:34
B8 Anti-Scunti Faction - Big Women 2:35
B9 G.B.H. - Give Me Fire (Live At Perkins Palace, Pasadena) 3:15

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A1: The Dickies
Prod. Dickies/Ron Hitchcock

A2: Government Issue
Produced by Ian MaKaye. John Stabb Schroder-Vocals, Tom Lyle-Guitar, Mitch Parker-Bass, Marc Alberstad-Drums

A3: The Freeze
Cliff Hanger-Vocals, Bill Close-Guitar, Chuck Stilphen-Guitar,, Pete Soszyhsici-Bass, Lou Catalado-Drums

A4: White Flag
Al Bum-Vocals, Pat Fear-Lead Guitar, vocals, Tracy Element-Drums, Scillinian, Jello B. Afro-Guitar, Backing Vocals, Doug Graves-Bass, Backing Vocals

A5: Kraut
Dave Gunner-Vocals, Doug Holland-Guitar,vocals, Jonny Feedback-Drums, Don Cowan-Bass, vocals

A6: F
John "Jr." Galf-Singer, Ugly Stupid Ken Decter-Guitar, Eddie-Bass, Mike Hasson-Drums

A7: Plain Wrap
Don Wrap - Vocals, Guitar, Mellow - Bass, Vocals, Dave Eagle - Drums, Vocals

A8: Flag Of Democracy
Jim McMonagle-Guitar, Vocals, Mike Glannonie-Drums, Dave Rishone-Bass

A9: T.S.O.L.
Ron-Guitar, vocal, Mike-Bass, Joe-Guitar, Voice, Mitch-drums. Produced by Chris Grayson & T.S.O.L

A10: A.O.D.
Jack Steeples-Bass, Dave Scott-Drums, Bruce "Cookie" Wingate-Guitar, Paul Richard-Vocals, Guitar

B1: Scream
Produced by Steve Carr
Pete Stahl-Vocals, Skeeter-Bass, Kent Stax-Drums, Franz Stahl-Guitar

B2: The Undead
Bobby Steele-Vocals, Guitar, Natz-Drums, Blank-Bass

B3: FU's
Live on WERS FM produced by Lou Giordono
John-Vocals, Wayne-Bass and door stop, Bob-Drums and Fan Mail (send lots), Steve-Guitar and vocals.

B4: Black Market Baby
Boyd Farrel-Lead Guitar, Kieth Campbell-Guitar, vocals, Tommy Carr-Drums, vocals, Myk Dolfi-Bass, Vocals

B5: Psycho
Denny Disorder-Drums, Joe Glassman-Guitar, Vocals, Bill Normal-Bass, Vocals, Jonny X-Guitar, Vocals

B6:Gay Cowboys In Bondage
Ravenous Gang Green-Drums, Pete Moss -Guitar, Eddie Nothing-Bass, Michael Morley-Voice

B7: Borscht
Adam Nobleman-Bass, Phil Franklin-Drums, Steve Veraja-Vocals, Guitar, Mike Oswald-Guitar

B8: Anti-Scunti Faction
Tracie Tomas-Vocals (Screeches), Leslie Mah-Bass, Kathy Parker -Guitar, Drums-Sarah Bibb-Drums

B9: G.B.H.
Live At Perkins Palace. Produced by Rusty Cusick/Wireworks
Colin-Vocals, Jock-Guitar, Ross-Bass, Wilf-Drums

Executive Producers. Bill Bartell, Al , Pete & Holly (hud)

Technical Consultant - Ray Violet
Spiritual Guidance - Bruce Duff/Darby's spirit
Sequencing Consultant: Dokter Marshall "Dicker Man" Stique (Stix)
Editing and Seuqencing at Pure Noise Studios/Hollywood

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Various - Flipside Vinyl Fanzine Volume 1 - US LP 1985 (Gastanka/Enigma - E-1099) Various - Flipside Vinyl Fanzine Volume 1 - US LP 1985 (Gastanka/Enigma - E-1099)

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