Various - I.R.S. Greatest Hits Vols. 2 & 3

Various - I.R.S. Greatest Hits Vols. 2 & 3

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US 2xLP 1981 (IRS - SP 70800)

A1 Fleshtones - Cold, Cold Shoes 2:37
A2 Brian James - Ain't That A Shame 3:30
A3 Henry Badowski - Baby Sign Here With Me 3:49
A4 Alternative TV - Action Time Vision 2:31
A5 Squeeze - Backtrack 2:19
A6 Skafish - Disgracing The Family Name 3:29
B1 The Damned - Wait For The Blackout 3:55
B2 Klark Kent - Thrills 2:15
B3 The Stranglers - Straighten Out 2:48
B4 Chelsea - Urban Kids 2:55
B5 The Cramps - Uranium Rock 2:24
B6 The Humans - I Live In The City 3:09
C1 The Police - Fallout 2:01
C2 Sector 27 - Can't Keep Away 3:01
C3 John Cale - Memphis 3:15
C4 Jools Holland - Mess Around 2:23
C5 Payolas - Jukebox 2:46
C6 The Fall - Rebellious Jukebox 2:54
D1 Patrick D. Martin - Computer Datin' 2:42
D2 Oingo Boingo - Only A Lad 3:31
D3 Buzzcocks - You Say You Don't Love Me 2:55
D4 Klark Kent - Office Girls 2:10
D5 Wazmo Nariz - Lips 5:24
D6 Fashion - Sodium Pentathol Negative 1:52

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Inefficient Supervision: Jay Boberg
Mastered by Frank DeLuna
Front Cover photo by Scott Lindgren
Design by Carl Grasso

A1: From Up-Front EP (SP 70402). Producer: Paul Wexler. Release date: November 1980
A2: From 3-Song EP (IR 9501). Producer: Brian James. Release date: August 1979
A3: From Deptford Fun City Records single DFC 11. Producer: Henry Badowski & Wally Brill. Release date: Winter 1979
A4: From Deptford Fun City Records single DFC 07. Producer: ATV & Chris Grey. Release date: Spring 1979
A5: From Packet Of Three British EP DFC 01. Producer: John Cale. Release date: Summer 1977
A6: From Skafish LP (SP 008). Producer: Jim Skafish. Release date: May 1980
B1: From The Black Album LP (SP 70012). Producer: Kings of Reverb. Release date: November 1980
B2: From 3-Song British EP (AMS 7376). Producer: Klark Kent. Release date: Spring 1978
B3: From Stranglers IV LP (SP 70011). Producer: Martin Rushent. Release date: September 1980
B4: From No Escape LP (SP 70010). Producer: Kit "The Baron" Lambert. Release date: September 1980
B5: Previously unreleased. Producer: The Cramps
B6: From Play mini-LP (IR 7700). Producer: The Humans & Larry Huff. Release date: April 1980
C1: From Illegal Records single (IL 007). Producer: Stewart Copeland & Bazza. Release date: Spring 1978
C2: From Tom Robinson/Sector 27 LP (SP 70013). Producer: Steve Lillywhite. Release date: November 1980
C3: From Illegal Records Animal Justice EP (IL 003). Producer: John Cale. Release date: mid-1977
C4: From Boogie Woogie '78 British EP. Producer: Holland and Glenn Tilbrook. Release date: April 1978
C5: From Introducing mini-LP (IR 7701). Producer: Bob Rock with Payolas. Release date: September 1980
C6: From Live At The Witch Trials LP (SP 003). Producer: The Fall with Bob Sargeant. Release date: September 1979
D1: From Patrick D. Martin EP (SP 70403). Producer: Patrick D. Martin. Release date: January 1981
D2: From Oingo Boingo EP (SP 70400). Producer: Jo Julian . Release date: September 1980
D3: From A Different Kind Of Tension LP (SP 009). Producer: Martin Rushent. Release date: February 1980
D4: [no credits, but is taken from same EP as track B2].
D5: From Things Aren't Right LP (SP 005). Producer: Wazmo Nariz. Release date: November 1979
D6: From Fashion EP (IR 09502). Producer: Miki Cottrell. Release date: August 1979

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Repressed in 1982 with a different sleeve but same catalogue number.


Various - I.R.S. Greatest Hits Vols. 2 & 3 - US 2xLP	1981 (IRS - SP 70800)Various - I.R.S. Greatest Hits Vols. 2 & 3 - US 2xLP	1981 (IRS - SP 70800)

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