Various - Life Is A Joke Vol. 3

Various - Life Is A Joke Vol. 3

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Germany LP 1987 (Weird System - WS028)

A1 M.I.A. - When It's Over 3:44
A2 Tu-Do Hospital - No Way Of Life 2:24
A3 Hell's Kitchen - Bloody Knees 2:58
A4 Challenger Crew - Little Man 2:13
A5 The Conditionz - Surf Pigs 1:42
A6 Government Issue - World Caved In 2:53
A7 Fearless Iranians From Hell - Ultraviolence 2:34
A8 Dream Police - Skatin On Thin Ice 3:31
A9 Indigesti - Slide Behind Your Eyes 2:52
B1 Circle Of Sig Tiu - Sig Tiu (Hymne) 4:04
B2 Brain Death - Sacrifice 1:45
B3 Doggy Style - Stand Back 3:58
B4 Culture Shock - Civilisation Street 3:00
B5 Junk Schizo - Bang Your Head 4:07
B6 The Freeze - Misguided Memories 3:11
B7 L'Attentat - Heimatlied 1:03
B8 Instigators - The Sleeper 5:38
B9 White Flag - Right To Fight 1:42

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A1: Taken from the album 'After The Fact'
A2: Previously unreleased
A3: Previously unreleased
A4: Previously not available elsewhere
A5: From the album 'Cream Soda Throw Rug'
A6: A brand new alternate version of this song here totally unavailable before
A7: Off the album 'Die For Allah'
A8: Once again, not released anywhere else earlier
A9: You didn't know this one before either as it's another previously unreleased number
B1: You've heard it before - another big earlier-on non-released title
B2: Yes indeed - it's unreleased elsewhere before appearing here
B3: So you thought it is unreleased elsewhere, well we'll tell ya, it is but only on vinyl because this appeared on the cassette version of the album "Doggy Style II'
B4: You guessed it already - 'nutha previously drastically unavailable 'un 'ere
B5: There was another version of this piece on the compilation 'NG II' from Japan - while the one one here was actually unreleased before
B6: Originally released on the LP 'Rabid Reaction'
B7: Previously appearing on the album 'L'Attentat Leipzig'
B8: And you just can't buy this elsewhere either - since it never came out before, that is of course
B9: We'll end this with one more little number - beloved, exciting and most of all very exclusive and unavailable on any other punk-rockin' platter all over before. Good?

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Coloured vinyl fans can choose between green/white marbled or plain black vinyl.


Various - Life Is A Joke Vol. 3 - Germany LP 1987 (Weird System - WS028)Various - Life Is A Joke Vol. 3 - Germany LP 1987 (Weird System - WS028)

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