Formed: Warminster, Wiltshire, England, UK

Former Subhumans leader Dick Lucas delved further into ska, reggae and dub with Culture Shock, all the time retaining that vital punk edge. The same formula means another bunch of worthwhile records loaded with insight and humour; blueprints for a better world that, unfortunately, will go ignored by the great unwashed. Nige (guitar) was previously in A-Heads. Dick and drummer Jasper Patterson carried on the ska/punk thing with Citizen Fish.

UK 3xCD 2012 (Bluurg / Active Distribution – FISH 51 / – ACTIVE 25) Back


Dick Lucas - vocals
Nige RN Nigel Johnsto - guitar
Paul - bass
Bill - drums


Dick - vocals
Nige - guitar
Jasper Patterson - bass
Bill - drums


Singles / Albums

Culture Shock - Go Wild Culture Shock - Onwards & Upwards Culture Shock - All The Time!    
Go Wild (LP, 1986) Onwards & Upwards
(LP, 1988)
All The Time! (LP, 1989)    

Demos / Tapes

Culture Shock - Living History Culture Shock - Reality Stop No. 44 Live At The Fish Culture Shock - Hot And Sweaty (All Over The Place) Culture Shock - Living History + Reality Stop No. 44 Demos
Living History
(Tape, 1986)
Reality Stop No. 44
(Tape, 1986)
Live At The Fish
(Tape, 1986)
Hot And Sweaty (All Over The Place)
(Tape, 1988)
Living History + Reality Stop No. 44 Demos
(CD-R, 2003)

Extraneous Releases

Culture Shock - Go Wild + All The Time! Culture Shock - Everything      
Go Wild + All The Time! (CD, twofer, 1993) Everything (3xCD, 2012)      

Various Artists

Open Mind Surgery UK LP 1985 (Bluurg): No Chance In A Million / Punks On Postcards

God Save Us From The USA UK LP 1987 (Happy MIke): Catching Flies

Life Is A Joke Vol. 3 Germany LP 1987 (Weird Germany) Civilisation Street

Stonehenge UK 7" 1987 (Bluurg): Stonehenge

Twenty Years On- The Summer Of Love? UK Tape 1987 (Pampers Für Alle! Productions): Open Mind Surgery / When The Fighting's Over

Polka Slam / Crisis Point UK 7" 1988 (Sisters Of Percy): Upside Down

Travellers Aid Trust UK 2xLP/CD 1988 (Flicknife): Messed Up / Civilisation

Exclusion LP 1989 (Nabat): Joyless

Powerless II: No More Flowers, No More Ribbons US LP 1992 (Black Plastic): Television Shop

Anti-Capitalism: Anarcho Punk Compilation Vol. 4 UK CD 2006 (Overground): Ten Percent Off

Zero Hour (Consume Less Live More) ?? LP ?? (Flat Earth/Skuld /Tribal War/Interfearance): Civilisation Street



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