Various - Life Is Boring So Why Not Steal This Record

Various - Life Is Boring So Why Not Steal This Record

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US LP 1983 (New Underground - NU-55)

A1 The Germs - Strange Notes (Live) 1:30
A2 The Germs - Caught in My Eye (Live) 3:06
A3 Minutemen - Base King 1:11
A4 Redd Kross - Out Of Focus 3:09
A5 Modern Warfare - Moral Majority 1:26
A6 Shattered Faith - The Omen 2:09
A7 Anti - Without Love We Will Die 1:02
A8 Mood of Defiance - American Love Song 3:29
A9 Hari Kari - Pray For Peace 1:34
A10 Sin 34 - Forced Education 1:34
B1 Artistic Decline - Friday Punk 0:32
B2 Modern Torture - Fascist Media 1:15
B3 Invisible Chains - Paisley Douche/Cactus Juice 3:40
B4 Slivers - Restraint for Style 0:55
B5 Vox Pop - Jumble Bug 5:10
B6 Marshall Mellow - Marshmellow Children 1:19
B7 Carl Stone - Jang 3:22
B8 The Doo-Dooettes - Red-Wrec Said 2:09
B9 Zurich 1916 - No Canvas 3:20
B10 Tone Deaf - Story Of A Murder 1:40
B11 Debt of Nature - And It Got Hit By A Truck 0:30
B12 Debt of Nature - Your Life Means Nothing 2:30

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This record was manufactured in the USA in 1983...and is dedicated to all the truly good people in the world who made all of our lives worth living (you know who you are!)

Fuck you to all the assholes who are too ignorant to be kind!

Front Cover Drawing: R. Pettibon
Mastered by John Golden at K Disc

A1-A2: The Germs
Darby Crash - Vocals
Pat Smear - Guitar
Lorna Doom - Bass
Don Boles - Drums

A3: Minutemen
D. Boon - Vocals & Guitar
Mike Watt - Bass
George Hurley - Drums

A4: Redd Kross
Dez Cadena - Vocals & Guitar
Steve McDonald - Bass
Jeff McDonald - Guitar, Vocals, & Cowbell
Janet Housdon - Drums

A5: Modern Warfare
Jimmy Bemis - Vocals
Ron Goudie - Guitar
Tim Gaines - Bass
Randy Scott - Drums

A6: Shattered Faith
Goblin - Vocals
Kerry Martinez - Guitar
Spencer Alston - Bass & Vocals
Richard "Skitchblade" Katchadorian - Drums

A7: Anti
Danny Phillips - Vocals & Bass
Bert - Guitar
Gary Kail - Guitar
Steve Lind - Drums

A8: Mood of Defiance
Hatha - Vocals
Gary Kail - Bass
Danny Phillips - Guitar
Thaddeus - Drums

A9: Hari-Kari
Alma - Vocals
John - Guitar
Mas - Bass
Richie Rich - Drums

A10: Sin 34
Julie - Vocals
Mike Glass - Guitar
Philly - Bass & Piano
Dave Hector - Drums

B1: Artistic Decline
Steve Bachus - Vocals
Charroux - Guitar
Bob Lagattuta - Bass
Mark Ohrenberger - Drums

B2: Modern Torture
Robert Martin - Guitar & Vocals
MFZ - Bass
Brad Laner - Drums

B3: Invisible Chains
Joey #8 - Guitar
Dan Dobrain - Bass
Mack Hect - Casio
Allen Heart - Sax
Greg Tracey – Drums

B4: Slivers
Greg Hurley - Vocals
Bob - Organ
Martin Tamburovich - Sax
Rich Wilder - Drums

B5: Vox Pop
Don Bolles - Guitar & Vocals
Paul Cutler - Bass
Michael Ochoa - Synthesizer & Vocals
Jeff Dahl - Drums
Dinah Cancer - Spiritual Guidance

B6: Marshall Mellow
Marshall Mellow - Vocals & Acoustic Guitar

B7: Carl Stone
Carl Stone - Tape Manipulation

B8: The Doo-Dooettes
Featuring the bird and bee Orchestra Orchestra: Tom Recchion, Dennis Duck, Fred Nilsen
PLUS: Kevin Laffey, Joseph Jacobs
Also tape manipulations by D.D. & F.N.

B9: Zurich 1919
Gary Kail - Tape Manipulation, Processing & Random Voice Recordings
Gary Blakeman - Electric Guitar

B10-B11: Tone Deaf
Nausafu Motif - Uncontrollable Shouts
Johnny Lee Roth- Synthesizer
Gary "Neurotic" Kail - Tape Junk

B12: Debt of Nature
Brad Laner - Rhythm, Electronics, tape + Voice
MFZ - Lecture, Organ

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Various - Life Is Boring So Why Not Steal This Record - US LP 1983 (New Underground - NU-55)Various - Life Is Boring So Why Not Steal This Record - US LP 1983 (New Underground - NU-55)

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