Various - Music For Pressure

Various - Music For Pressure

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UK Tape 1981 (Fuck Off - DNAT 001)

A1 Aladins - Lamp Road
A2 Dick Heley - Round & Round
A3 Here & Now - Everybody Get Some But Me
A4 Axolotl - Warrior Queen
A5 Real Insects - Make Up Your Mind
A6 Real Insect - Don't Hang On To Your Shadows By Jose
A7 Real Imitators - Use It Up & Wear It Out
A8 The 012 - The Riff
A9 Blue Midnight - Seven Cities
A10 Androids Of Mu - Vampire Feast
A11 Entire Cosmos - Mutated Alarmist
B1 Ultimate Parrots - I Just Wanna Be Loved
B2 Zounds - Fatigue
B3 Astronauts - Jet Set
B4 Vine Pie & The Crumbs - Luxury Living
B5 Voletones - Shuffling Souls
B6 The Mob - Violent Maze
B7 Steffy Sharpstrings - Emma
B8 The Instant Automatons - Do The Possessed
B9 Black Magic ? - Dubdub Dub
B10 Evron & Adrian - Smile
B11 Murphy Federation - Musik For Sheds
B12 Colin Potter - Untitled

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