Various - New Criminals Volume 2

Various - New Criminals Volume 2

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UK Tape c.1981 (New Crimes - NC6)

A1 The Apostles - New Crimes
A2 The Apostles - Hello Mark
A3 The Apostles - Hyde Park
A4 Attrition - Fear
A5 Attrition - The Screaming Room
A6 Attrition - Devoid
A7 The Get - Don't Let It Get You Down
A8 The Get - Voodoo Doll
A9 The Get - 1000 Customers
A10 Train Fares - Ninety Two Pence
A11 Train Fares - The Delay
B1 Terminal Disaster - Chain Reaction
B2 Terminal Disaster - What Future?
B3 Terminal Disaster - Nuclear Suicide
B4 Cold War - Confrontation
B5 Cold War - Out Of Contract
B6 Cold War - The Machinist
B7 12 Cubic Feet - Escaping Again
B8 12 Cubic Feet - Blob
B9 12 Cubic Feet - Mothercare
B10 This Bitter Lesson - Japanese Girl
B11 This Bitter Lesson - Your Legal Slaughter

Chart Placings

UK Indie Hit: None


A1-A3 The Apostles were: Ann Dee: vocals, Dan T. Christ: drums, Ju: bass, Pete The Plectrum: guitar.
A4-A6 Attrition are: Martin: vocals + bass, Julia: vocals + bass. Ash: synthesizer + vocals.
A7-A9 The Get are: Bruce: vocals, Gary: guitar, Stevie D: bass, Jon: drums.
A10-A11 Train Fares are: Paul Brown: guitar + vocals, Pete Cox: drums.
B1-B3 Terminal Disaster were: Paul: guitar + vocals/Andy: bass/Alan: drums.
B4-B6 Cold War are: Ian: vocals, Paul: guitar, Chris: bass, Kev: drums.
B7-B9 12 Cubic Feet are: Andrew: drums, Sally: Casio + vocals, Mathew: bass + vocals, Fred: vocals + Casio, Paul: guitar + vocals, Glenna: guitar.
B10-B11 This Bitter Lesson are: Paul Az, Clair, Amanda and Auntie.

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