Various - New York Rockers

Various - New York Rockers

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US Tape 1989 (ROIR - A-170)

A1 Television - Friction 4:45
A2 Richard Hell - I Been Sleepin' On It 2:56
A3 Alfonia Tims And His Flying Tigers - Bustin' Miles 5:08
A4 8 Eyed Spy - Lazy In Love 3:03
A5 Bush Tetras - Rituals 3:25
A6 James Chance & The Contortions - King Heroin 9:55
B1 The Fleshtones - Watch Junior Go! 2:08
B2 New York Dolls - Jet Boy 5:13
B3 Dictators - Minnesota Strip 4:30
B4 Johnny Thunders - Get Off The Phone / Who Needs Girls? 4:38
B5 Bad Brains - Banned In D.C. 2:05
B6 Lounge Lizards - Iguana 2:29
B7 Suicide - Rock n' Roll (Is Killing My Life) 4:55

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This Tenth Anniversary ROIR Cassette was compiled and annotated by Andy Schwartz, publisher and editor of New York Rocker magazine from 1978-1983, the crucial years of the "Downtown Heroes".

A1: From The Blow-Up (ROIR - A-114)
A2: From R.I.P. (ROIR - A-134)
A3: From Future Funk / Uncut! (ROIR - A-112)
A4: From 8 Eyed Spy Live (ROIR - A-101)
A5: From Wild Things (ROIR - A-119)
A6: From Live In New York (ROIR - A-100)
B1: From The Bush Tetras Blast Off! (ROIR - A-107)
B2: From Lipstick Killers (ROIR - A104)
B3: From Fuck 'Em If They Can't Take A Joke (ROIR - A-102)
B4: From The New Too Much Junkie Business (ROIR - A-118)
B5: From Bad Brains (ROIR - A-106)
B6: From Live 79-81 (ROIR - A-136)
B7: From Ghost Riders (ROIR - A-145)

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Subtitled: "An Anthology Of Anti-Hits and Rare Tracks From Manhattan's Original Rock Underground".


Various - New York Rockers - US Tape 1989 (ROIR - A-170)Various - New York Rockers - US Tape 1989 (ROIR - A-170)

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