Various - Pop Oi!

Various - Pop Oi!

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UK LP 1989 (Link - LINK LP 095)

A1 Slaughter And The Dogs - Situations
A2 The Crack - Going Out
A3 The Hoopers - Ginger Cringe
A4 Criminal Class - Fighting The System
A5 Five O - Little Powers
A6 American Eagle - American Oi!
A7 Kicker Boys - I Didn't Scare
A8 Cock Sparrer - England Belongs To Me
B1 Moonstomp - Nothing At All
B2 Guttersnipe Army - Never Die
B3 Foreign Legion - Surf City
B4 The Strike - Agony Of A Nation
B5 Madhatters - Black Hat
B6 The Last Resort - Rubber Jenny
B7 The Business - Out In The Cold
B8 Frankie Flame - Harry May

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Reissued as a twofer: Pop Oi! / Oi! Oi! Oi! in 1993.


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