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The Last Resort - Band

Formed: Herne Bay, Kent, England, UK (but moved to London)

Even amongst the British skinhead fraternity at the time, which included such notable lunkheads as The Gonads and Combat 84, The Last Resort took idiocy to new extremes on their debut release, oddly enough a cassette single. Released when the unbelievably abrasive Saxby was singer, 'Violence In Our MInds' and 'Soul Boys' are unbelievably stupid celebrations of mindless violence, so stupid one must assume some kind of satire is being attempted. Charlie Duggan's guitar work throughout is simple but effective Oi! fare and the whole caboodle is great.

A Way Of Life - Skinhead Anthems came out a year later, with bassist Roi switching to vocals after the departure of Saxby, and Arthur "Bilko" Kitchener taking over Roi's old job. Wrapped in a sleeve featuring a skinhead punching the air over a Union Jack background, and pressed on three different colours of vinyl (red, white and blue – some have commented that they didn't issue one on black), the album is a celebration of stupidity and mindless violence, all set to a sea of bog standard Oi! riffs recorded on a 4-track. Here's the hook, though: it's a lot of fun! These lads know how to write a simplistically catchy anthem and the LP is undoubtedly a street rock classic,

The Last Resort - Skinhead Anthems Poster

The lyrics are utterly pathetic/brilliant, Here are some examples:

KING OF THE JUNGLEThe Last Resort - Herne Bay Skinhead

He watches the other beasts
Quiet and dignified
Claws like flicknives
He don't have to hide
Waiting until the time is right
Pouncing like a thief in the night
But they keep on coming through the jungle track
When they feel the power on the hour
Wish they had turned back

The air is fill with a mighty roar
They stand there as always as before

The warrior's strong, the warrior's proud
The warrior stands at the edge of the crowd
The warrior's brave, the warrior's cool
Even when he's got his back against the wall
He's the king of the jungle

They stand by each other like a brother
Like a lions pride
They won't turn away or stray
To the other side
Even though they're few and far between
They'll stand by you no matter where you've been


I was walking down the road with a dozen pals of mine
Looking for some aggro, just to pass the time
We met this stupid hippy and he tried to run away
But i punched him in the nose just to pass the time of day

Great big boots, great long laces
Our jeans held up with scarlet braces
Get out of our way or get took for a ride
We've just got violence in our minds

Wake up in the morning, have me ready brek
Drink me cup of Bovril and wring my mothers neck
Stroll into town, beat a Soul Boy black and blue
Put a fruit gum in the meter cos there's fuck all else to do

We go to football matches, we always have a laugh
Always get some bovver in, before the second half
We have ourselves a smashing time, we really have some fun
Especially when the odds are ours 25 to 1, to 1


Run amok and have fight
Get pissed up cause a riot
Smash windows and burn beach huts
Tell the government to stuff the cuts

Cut the taxes one by one
Cut them 'til the job is done
Show them how to be a pest
Be a skinhead in Sta Press

They got more money then I got sense
They're just after your last few pence
Shine up your boots pour a pint
Let's go protest tonight

The old bill try to take us down
Bring us before The Crown
Lock us up when we have fights
Keep us of the street at night


We wake up a 10 o'clock
Put our boots on and go round the block
We have a few beers and we joke around
We make our way to the football ground

We hate all the junkies, we hate all the grease
We're only here to disturb the peace
Wear Dr. Martens and wear levi's
We are the resort bootboys

We know its gonna be a hell of a game
One - nil down its always the same
But we don't really give a fuck
Believe it or not, we're here for the ruck

After the game we count all the scars
We jump all over some geezers car
We lost the game but we won the fight
I hope its on the box tonight

That's not to mention lines like "all that's true is the red, the white and blue" and similar nationalistic nonsense.

They changed their name to The Warriors and in 1982 recorded a final track for Oi! Oi! That's Yer Lot! They also appeared that same year on the United Skins LP as Warrior. They split up soon after when Roi (the "singer") left for The 4-Skins, but returned as The Resort with 1989, a rockier affair with better (i.e. proper) production and remakes of three songs from the debut.

The group have since reformed again, and have recorded more albums.

The Last Resort - 2009 Lineup
Above: 2009 Lineup


Singles / Albums

The Last Resort - A Way Of Life The Last Resort - "A Way Of Life" Skinhead Anthems      
A Way Of Life
(Tape, 1981)
"A Way Of Life" Skinhead Anthems
(LP, 1982)

Extraneous Releases

The Last Resort - The Last Resort / Combat 84 - Death Or Glory / Charge Of The 7th Cavalry The Last Resort - Kings Of The Jungle The Last Resort - The Best Of The Last Resort The Last Resort - The Last Resort / Combat 84 - Death Or Glory / Charge Of The 7th Cavalry The Last Resort - Violence In Our Minds
Death Or Glory
(LP, split with Combat 84, 1987)
Kings Of The Jungle
(LP, 1988)
The Best Of The Last Resort (CD, 1993) Death Or Glory / Charge Of The 7th Cavalry
(CD, twofer, split with Combat 84, 1993)
Violence In Our Minds (CD, 1997)
The Last Resort - King Of The Jungle The Last Resort - Violence In Our Minds      
King Of The Jungle
(CD, 1999)
Violence In Our Minds (7", 2008)      


The Last Resort - Skinhead - Pain Of Living        
Skinhead - Pain Of Living (7", 1995)        


Various Artists

Strength Thru Oi! UK LP 1981 (Decca): Working Class Kids / Johnny Barden

Carry On Oi! UK LP 1981 (Secret): King Of The Jungle

The Secret Life Of Punks UK LP 1982 (Secret): King Of The Jungle

Oi! Oi! That's Yer Lot! UK LP 1982 (Secret): Horror Show [as The Warriors]

United Skins UK LP 1982 (Boots & Braces): Wicked Women [as Warrior]

Oi! - The Resurrection UK LP 1986 (Link): Soul Boys

Oi! Chartbusters Volume 1 UK LP 1987 (Link): Violence In Our MInds

Oi! Chartbusters Volume 2 UK LP 1987 (Link): Held Hostage

Oi!.. The Picture Disc UK LP 1987 (Link): Violence In Our Minds

Pop Oi! UK LP 1989 (Link): Rubber Jenny

Oi! Chartbusters Volume 6 UK LP 1990 (Link): Eight Pounds A Week

The Oddities Of Oi! UK LP 1990 (Link): King Of The Jungle

Oi! The Singles Collection Vol 2 UK CD 1996 (Captain Oi!): Violence In Our Minds / Held Hostage / Soul Boys






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