Various - State Of Confusion

Various - State Of Confusion

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UK Tape 1982 (Stagnating Body - no cat no)

A1 Solvent Abuse - Vigilanti
A2 Lost Cherees - Sexism's Sick (Parts 1+2)
A3 X-Cretas - Grim Reaper
A4 A.P.F. Brigade - Scared To Die
A5 Attrition - (unknown)
A6 Abductors - Hostage
A7 Hagar The Womb - By Force
A8 Kronstadt Uprising - End Of Part 1
A9 Commited - Fuck Conscription
A10 Glimpo Saucers - Jock Strap
A11 X-Cretas - Who Is Mad
A12 Lost Cherees - Society Called Hell
13 A.P.F. Brigade - Economic League
B1 Commited - Mental
B2 Solvent Abuse - Heroin Girls
B3 Kronstadt Uprising - Divide + Rule
B4 Hagar The Womb - For The Ferryman
B5 Abductors - Prostitute
B6 Attrition - The Screaming Room
B7 X-Cretas - Clone Fashion
B8 Lost Cherees - Freedom
B9 Commited - Whose War
B10 Hagar The Womb - Routine
B11 Abductors - Fascist School
B12 Kronstadt Uprising - Xenophobia
B13 Suburban Filth - Ban The Bomb
B14 Solvent Abuse - Glue Kills
B15 A.P.F. Brigade - Race To Perfect Death

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