Various - Twenty Years On - The Summer Of Love?

Twenty Years On

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UK Tape 1987 (Pampers Für Alle! Productions - P.F.A.1)

A1 Danbert Nobacon - All The King's Men (Live)
A2 Danbert Nobacon - Westbury Toilets/Police State Blues (Live)
A3 Danbert Nobacon - A Pile Of Shit (Live)
A4 Danbert Nobacon - Struggle - Together (Live)
A5 Danbert Nobacon - Rainforests (Live)
A6 Danbert Nobacon - Revolution (Live)
A7 Danbert Nobacon - Life! (Live)
A8 The Next World - Slaves
A9 Political Asylum - Standing Over Me
A10 Toxik Ephex - Police Brutality (Live)
A11 Culture Shock - Open Mind Surgery
A12 Atavistic - A Question Of Priorities
A13 Stream Ov Abuse - Mr. Mushroom Man (Excerpt)
B1 The Next World - Public Order
B2 Chumbawamba - Us And Them/The Candidates Find Common Ground (Live)
B3 Political Asylum - Someday
B4 Culture Shock - When The Fighting's Over
B5 Toxik Ephex - No Nuclear Waste In My Garden (Live)
B6 Jimmy Saville's Wheelchair - A Pleasure Filled Over-Fed Life
B7 Atavistic - Survival Of The Fittest
B8 Stream Ov Abuse - Total Headfuck
B9 Mark, Ross & Fruin - Nine Day Wonder
B10 Where Next Columbus? - Do You Remember Beauty/Finale

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A1-A7: Live Kelvingrove Freedom Festival Aug. 1st 1987
A8: Demo 06.86
B1: Studio Out-take 06.87
B2: Live, Birmingham Mermaid June 5th 1987
B6: From 'The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread' Demo 1987

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