Various - We Got Power: Party Or Go Home

Various - We Got Power: Party Or Go Home

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US LP 1984 (Mystic - MLP 33125)

A1 The Authorities - I Hate Cops
A2 Nip Drivers - Tang
A3 J.F.A. - Middle America
A4 Dr. Know - Savior
A5 White Flag - Celabate
A6 White Cross - Nuke Attack
A7 F--k Ups - Bacon And Eggs
A8 Putrid Girls - 1 2 3 4
A9 Ill Repute - Count The Odds
A10 Stalag 13 - Selfish
A11 Rebel Truth - Monkey's Paw
A12 Willfull Neglect - E.M.S. & D.
A13 Tar Babies - Confused
A14 Mecht Mensch - Might Makes Right
A15 Graven Image - My World
A16 The Vacant - Caught By The Mafia
A17 Adrenalin O.D. - W.W. 4
A18 The Clones - Conform To The Norm
A19 Big Boys - Brick Walls
A20 Sin 34 - Not
B1 Minutemen - Party With Me Punker
B2 Dayglow Abortions - Scared Of People
B3 Caustic Cause - Look To The Left
B4 Don't Know - Blind Ambition
B5 S.V.D.B. - Flames Of Hell
B6 Patriots - Cavity
B7 Hated Principals - Survival At All Costs
B8 Crank Shaft - New Wave Homos
B9 Urban Assault - Night On The Town
B10 Urban Assault - Rock & Roll Burnout
B11 7 Seconds - Wasted Life Ain't No Crime
B12 Jack Shit - Follow The Leader
B13 Atheists - Music I Can't Stand
B14 Romulans - Judgment Day
B15 No Labels - (Ego)
B16 Armed Response - Too Gross For Comfort
B17 Deranged Diction - Crooning
B18 False Confessions - Untitled
B19 Manimals - Things Under My Bed
B20 Red Cross - Pseudo Intelectual

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