Various - "Yes, You Guessed It"

Various - "Yes, You Guessed It"

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UK Tape 1983 (Still Dying Tapes - S.D.T.1)

A1 Total Chaos - Bank Of England
A2 Total Chaos - Waste
A3 Abductors - Hostage
A4 Abductors - Force In Blue
A5 The Alternative - Hawks & Doves
A6 The Alternative - Killing Machine
A7 Public Toys - Public Toys
A8 Reality Control - God's Blood
A9 Reality Control - (The War Is Over) But Has It Been Won?
A10 The Fiend - On The Dole
A11 The Fiend - Weird Boy
B1 Anthrax - Vivisection
B2 Anthrax - Introduction To War
B3 Devoid - Our Generation
B4 Devoid - M.A.D.
B5 The System - White Youth (Live)
B6 The Insane - We Don't Wanna Fight No War *
B7 Post Mortem - Alcoholism
B8 Post Mortem - Monarchy (Live)
B9 Resistance 77 - Where Are They Now?
B10 Resistance 77 - Society
B11 Naked - Suicidal State
B12 Crucified By Christians - Apathy
B13 Crucified By Christians - Radiant

* Is credited to The System by mistake

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