Formed: Hounslow, London, England, UK

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This quartet from London offered some hope for gloom-rock in the early '80s, with their spiny, swiftly-paced Gothic punk suggesting that this particular genre didn't have to be completely out of touch with the modern world.

They began gigging around London in 1981 (with original singer Weazle [sic]) and somehow managed to become Sounds cover stars in 1982, before they'd even released a record. Amusingly, they ran into legal problems with a pharmaceutical company which made a cough mixture called Actifed, and the punkers WON!

Dawn Of A Legion is pristinely produced by Tony James (Generation X), and provides plenty of meaty rock in a style not dissimilar to early U.K. Decay, with a bit of The Dark and Killing Joke lobbed in.

They returned in 2009 with a new album, Chains No More.

Actifed Punk Lives Issue 9Actifed Punk Lives Issue 9

ABOVE: Actifed in Punk Lives Issue 9 (photo) and Issue 11 (interview)


Classic Lineup (1983-84):

David Rogers - vocals, lead guitar
Clinton Grace - guitar
John Bristow - bass
Stuart Hemphill - drums



Subsequent studio albums: Chains No More (2009), Rhythms Of Mass Destruction (2011).

Singles & Albums

COVERDawn Of A Legion (12", 1983)

COVERCrucifixion (12", 1984)

Extraneous Releases

Actifed / Erazerhead - Im 100 ClubIm 100 Club (Tape, split with Erazerhead, 1980s)

Various Artists

State Of Affairs UK Tape 1984 (Pleasantly Surprised): Prophecy/Dub

Silhouettes & Statues (A Gothic Revolution 1978 - 1986) UK 5xCD 2017 (Cherry Red): Creation



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