Actifed - Dawn Of A Legion

Actifed - Dawn Of A Legion

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UK 12" 1983 (Jungle - JUNG 7)

1 Creation
2 Prophecy
3 Innocent
4 Exit

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Produced by Tony James
Thanks to Tony, Pat Collier, Dave Meekins for Sax on Prophecy

Reviews & Opinions

JEFF BALE, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #9, OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 1983: Superior guitar-oriented post-punk with psychedelic overtones, sort of like the SCREAMING DEAD's newer material (but not quite as good). This is really powerful stuff, and the eerie guitar effects add an additional touch of class. The vocals are a bit too restrained and calculating, but ACTIFED are also quite capable of cutting loose when they want to (as in "4 Exit"). Produced by ex-GEN Xer Tony James.

IRA ROBBINS, TROUSER PRESS: Produced by ex-Generation X-er Tony James, West London's Actifed pounds out powerful semi-bleak rock with dense guitar noise on this four-song 12-inch. Neither awesome nor awful, what must be the only band ever named after a brand of antihistamine is muscular but undistinguished.

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Actifed - Dawn Of A Legion - UK 12" 1983 (Jungle - JUNG 7)Actifed - Dawn Of A Legion - UK 12" 1983 (Jungle - JUNG 7)

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