Formed: Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland, UK

Discography / Lineups

This quartet had links with Alternative, sharing their instruments and gigging together. Dougie McHale joined Alternative in 1983 (he was replaced with Smed) and Eric 'Rice' Beveridge from Alternative joined The Actives in 1984, after the release of their third and final release, the Wait & See! (which has apparently been bootlegged as a 7-inch). The band's manager Sconey took over vocals at this point. Although the Kick It Down LP won a rave review in MRR, they are still pretty obscure. Mole (of Skeptix and Shattered Family) was also a member at some point. Paul 'Kirky' Kirk also playwd with Twisted Nerve.Actives


Here's how the liner notes to Reactivated tells the story:

The ACTIVES were actually born of frustrated roadies and followers of "The ALTERNATIVE" in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland in December '81. The Alternative shared their practice pad, instruments and social life with the Actives, indeed the original Actives guitarist, Dougie, joined the Alternative in mid '82. A number of support gigs with the Alternative followed but it soon became apparent both bands were playing to different sections of the punk audience. Difference of opinions, especially over lyrical content, saw the Actives being asked to leave the shared practice pad in late '82.

A high degree of musical mediocrity fused with an uncontrolled desire to play very loud and very fast led to a publishing contract deal in 1982 with ex "MENACE" member Charlie Casey. A record deal followed in early '83. Two months later the single Riot E.P. was released.

A frenzy of live support gigs followed with "PATROL", "The ADICTS", "The THREATS", "ABRASIVE WHEELS" and "The EXPLOITED". The only cloud on the horizon was the recording of the album, 'Kick It Down', which was mixed by an uninterested old shit of a hippy - giving the album the unique sound of shouting a lot whilst your mum is vacuuming directly behind you. (Putting the punk back into rock maaan!). The much more musically satisfying (and last) single Wait '& See!' was released late '83.

In early '84 the singer, Lewis, left the band and the ex "Alternative" member, Rice, joined on lead vocals. A number of demo tapes followed but no further records were released. Local gigs followed, especially memorable was a support slot with the "TOY DOLLS".

Rice left the band in '85. The ex manager, Sconey, then took on the mantle of singer. Further demo tapes were made but the band eventually called it a day in late '87.

Where are they now?

Lewis (vocals) - last seen Dunfermline bumming free beer at Budgie's house
Budgie (bass) - last seen Dunfermline talking about how well his tomatoes were doing this year
Kirky (drums) - last sighted Japan
Rice (vocals) - often seen in America and at punk gigs especially around females
Sconey (vocals/manager) - last sighted Canada
Wee Bill (roadie) - last sighted Volunteer Arms pub, Inverkeithing



Singles & Albums / Extraneous Items / Various Artists

Actives - Riot E.P. Riot E.P. (7", 1983)

Actives - Kick It DownKick It Down (LP, 1983)

Actives - Wait And See!Wait & See! (12", 1985)

Extraneous Items

Actives - Reactivated Reactivated (LP/CD, 2005)

Actives - Street Warfare Street Warfare (2xCD, 2014)

Various Artists

Killed By Hardcore US LP/CD 2001 (Redrum): Riot



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