Ad-Nauseam - Portsmouth PunksAd-Nauseam - Portsmouth Punks

Formed: Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, UK

Standard UK 82 hardcore featuring former members of Birth Trauma and The Anihilates.

According to Frenchy Golder's liner notes on Anagram's Flicknife Records Punk Collection: "The lead singer and guitarist both had massive mohicans haircuts and the noise coupled with the look was quite something or maybe it was the beer! I am afraid their live energy did not translate very well onto record and they were also quite hard to work with, not really knowing what they wanted. The argued so long amongst themselves about the title of their EP that in the end I gave it a name myself. this led to further arguments and that was the end of it".

The EP in question, Brainstorm, is wank-standard UK 82 shitpunk, and I can't imagine anybody voluntarily sitting through one of their demos or tapes. Maybe they're great, I dunno. Maximum Rocknroll loved their Bad Noizeam/5 Go Mad demo, and their sole LP The Greatest Show on Earth is supposed to be pretty good metallic punk.

Anyway, after Ad-Nauseam split in 1988, Keef and Colonel carried on in Awake Mankind, while Barry Coward went all-out thrash metal and recorded two albums with Decimator.


Ad-Nauseam - Portsmouth Band


Barry Coward - vocals
Keith "Keef" Salmon - guitar
Steve "Colonel" Taylor - bass
Mick Bonseir - drums


Aly - vocals
Mick - guitar
Chris "Turkee" Calloway - drums
Scott Fury - guitar
Brian Barnett - guitar (RIP 2018)
Barry "Baz" Coombes - bass
Brian "Wheelie" Wheeler - bass
John Haskett - bass



Singles & Albums / Demos / Various Artists

Ad-Nauseam - Brainstorm E.P.Brainstorm E.P. (7", 1983)

Ad-Nauseam - The Greatest Show On EarthThe Greatest Show On Earth (LP, 1987)


Ad-Nauseam - Mass MurderMass Murder (Tape, 1982)

Ad-Nauseam - Ad-Nauseam (Tape)Ad-Nauseam (Tape, 1982)

Ad-Nauseam - 2nd Demo2nd Demo (Tape, 1982)

Ad-Nauseam - O.U.TT./Vote? They're All The SameO.U.TT./Vote? They're All The Same (Tape, 1983)

Ad-Nauseam - Bad Noizeam/5 Go MadAd-Nauseam (Tape, 1984)

Ad-Nauseam - Bad Noizeam/5 Go MadBad Noizeam/5 Go Mad (Tape, 1985)

Ad-Nauseam - Straining At The LeashStraining At The Leash (Tape, 1985)

Ad-Nauseam - PandemoniumPandemonium (Tape, 1986)


Various Artists

Pah! A Punk Compilation UK Tape 1982 (I Thought It Might Shock You Tapes): Don't Vote / Fuck Both

Noises From The Unknown UK Tape 1983 (Obituary Tapes): Fire / No War No More / P.C. Wanker

Anthems Of The Black Icon UK Tape 1980s (Social Disorder Tapes): Apocalypse Of Youth

The Final Decay! UK Tape 1980s (Open Sore Tapes): Stop The Van / Little White Spot / Denis The Piromaniac / Ad-Nausium* – What The Butler Saw [all songs mis-credited to Ad-Nausium]

Flicknife Records Punk Collection UK CD 1995 (Anagram): Thatcher

Earsplitting Noise Europe LP 2006 (no label): Nausea / Wankers



Brian Barnett (1963-2018) Ad Nauseam and 5 Go Mad guitarist remembered


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