Various - Pah! A Punk Compilation

Various - Pah! A Punk Compilation

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UK Tape 1982 (I Thought It Might Shock You Tapes/Hit Ranking Fanzine - Gosh 1)

1 Hideous Mushrooms - Why Don't You
2 The X-Cretas - God Save Us (Its Our Life)
3 Warning - A Day In The Life
4 Health Hazzard - Death By Boredom
5 The A.P.F. Brigade - Its Fun Boys
6 Total Control - Complete Control
7 Glimpo Saucers - I Don't Know And I Don't Care
8 Ad Nauseam - Don't Vote
9 Panik - England
10 Rebellious Youth - Spod And Greensleeves Dub
11 Riot/Clone - Anarchy Specs
12 Warning - Summer Rain
13 The A.P.F. Brigade - Hunting Punk
14 Lost Cherrees - One Plane, One Bomb
15 Panik - Shit Can't Play Guitar
16 The A.P.F. Brigade - Give A Little Peace Tonight
17 Hideous Mushrooms - Old Soldier
18 Lost Cherrees - Death And Wastage
19 Health Hazzard - Future Daze
20 Riot/Clone Society
21 Ad Nauseam - Fuck Both
22 Total Control - Jim Fought The System
23 The X-Cretas - Locked Away
24 Lost Cherrees - Noiz
25 Riot/Clone - Death To Humanity
26 Glimpo Saucers - Glimpo Theme
27 Hideous Mushrooms - High On AHill (With Pink Floyd Tattooed On My Arm, Man)
28 Warning - Beasts Of Fiction
29 The X-Cretas - PC Wanker
30 Hideous Mushrooms - Why Don't You

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JEFF BALE, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #5, MARCH/APRIL 1983: A new English compilation tape featuring a couple of bands with vinyl out (AD NAUSEUM and RIOT/CLONE) and a bunch of young hopefuls. The HIDEOUS MUSHROOMS tickle feet with some neat-o funnythrash, the GLIMPO SAUCERS provoke laughs with demented funnypunk, A .P .F. BRIGADE intrigue with drum machine Britskunk, REBELLIOUS YOUTH annoy with overlong post-punk dubs, and HEALTH HAZZRD kick ass with some raw garage thrash. The rest produce more traditional stuff--thrash (LOST CHERRIES, X- CRETAS), '77 punk (PANIK, TOTAL CONTROL), and modern mid- tempo U .K . punk (WARNING). Pretty varied sampler.

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