Formed: Los Angeles, California, USA

Although Tony Adolescent left the Adolescents in 1988, shortly before that band recorded its third album (Balboa Fun Zone), it was he who apparently initiated this in-name-nearly-only reunion with ex-Adolescents Rikk Agnew and Casey Royer, both of whom had been enjoyed studio-time in the intervening years with solo work and DI. The feeble Where Were You? suggested that this was one reunion that wasn't about to get off the ground: surprisingly it contains a cover of The Fall's 'Frightened', but the LP itself it is a second-rate affair, with metallic solos and a lack of strong tunes. The German version on Bitzcore adds a radio session where they run through songs from the Adolescents' "blue" album.

That sort of thing is usually a bad sign, suggesting a (justified) lack of confidence in the new material. so Royer went back to DI, Agnew carried on his solo work, and Tony resumed his day job with Sister Goddamn. However, an offer from Bitzcore prompted a comeback and resulted in a new album, Piper At The Gates Of Downey, which showcased a much improved band, albeit one without Agnew or Royer (although Rikk's brother Frank guested on guitar). It's a familiar selection of routine, fast punk songs - including a topical one for movie buffs ('Reservoir Dogs') - recorded with refugees from MIA and produced by one of L.A.'s great unsung heroes, Geza-X.

Transmissions From Planet Speedball is a snarling concept album/CD-ROM about drug addiction with the narrative told in reverse, a climactic cover of Bob Seger's 'Ramblin' Rose' and a free board game.

Original Lineup (1989-1993)

Lineup 1

Tony Reflex - vocals
Rikk Agnew - guitar
Roger Ramjet - guitar
Mike Rouse - bass
Casey Royer - drums



Singles & Albums

/ Extraneous Releases / Various Artists

Tony Adolescent & ADZ - Where Were You?Where Were You? (LP/CD, 1993)

ADZ - Piper At The Gates Of DowneyPiper At The Gates Of Downey (LP/CD, 1995)

ADZ - TetsuoTetsuo (7", 1996)

ADZ / Gigantor - SplitADZ/Gigantor Split (7", 1998)

ADZ - Transmissions From The Planet SpeedballTransmissions From Planet Speedball (CD, 1999)

ADZ / Electric Frankenstein - SplitADZ / Electric Frankenstein (7", split, 2000)

ADZ - American SteelAmerican Steel (CD, 2002)

Extraneous Releases

ADZ - Odz 'N' SodzOdz 'N' Sodz (CD, 1999)

ADZ - Live Plus Five Live Plus Five (CD, 2006)


Various Artists

So You Wanna Be A Rock 'N' Roll Compilation? Germany CD 1995 (Bitzcore): Solitaire / Riot On Sunset

Heavenly Tunes Germany CD 1995 (Ox Fanzine): ADZ

Pogo Tribe Detector Germany CD 1995 (Ox Fanzine): Shoot The Cod

Son Of Slam Chops US CD 1997 (Triple X): Stage Diving Daisy

It Smells Like Spring US 2xLP 1997 (Intensive Scare ISLP #3): Do The Neck

Cash On Delivery: The Songs Of Johnny Cash US CD 1999 (CMH): Jackson

The Five Fingers Of Dr. X US CD 2000 (Triple X): Breakout / Speak Now Or Forever Shut Your Face / www.youdontrok / Sadist Faction / Sub-Atomic Frankenstein

Alpha Motherfers: A Tribute To Turbonegro US CD 2001 (Hopeless): Good Head




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