Alternative, Scotland, PunkAlternative, Scotland, Punk

Formed: Dunfermline, Scotland, UK

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These Scottish anarcho punks first surfaced with the poppiest (and by far best) cut on 1981's execrable Bullshit Detector. “Change It’, lifted from their demo, was a pretty crap song, but it had a tune and the whole LP was so miserable that even this innocuous ditty sounded good.

Alternative, Scotland, Punk

So, having released their first recording via Crass, they spent the rest of their career being compared to them.

By the time of the In Nomine Patri EP, they had a second guitarist - Dougie McHale (Actives) - and Wilf had been replaced by Gordon 'Gogs' Smith. With the addition of another vocalist (Linda 'Linger' Rotherham) they then shared a split cassette with Dirt and Reality Control (Live 23.10.82 The Bunker), and underwent more lineup changes. The new band released If They Treat You Like Shit - Act Like Manure, an LP which is considered an anarcho punk classic. They split in 1986 after recording more demos with yet more personnel revisions.

Alternative, Scotland, Punk



Singles & Albums / Extraneous Releases / Demos & Tapes / Various Artists

Alternative - In Nomine PatriIn Nomine Patri (7", 1982)

Alternative - If They Treat You Like Shit - Act Like ManureIf They Treat You Like Shit - Act Like Manure (LP, 1984)

Extraneous Releases

Alternative - Demos 1982Demos 1982 (LP/CD, 2011)

Demos & Tapes

Alternative - 1st Demo 1st Demo (Tape, 1981)

Alternative - 2nd Demo 2nd Demo (Tape, 1981)

Alternative - Anti-Christ TapeAnti-Christ (Tape, 1982)

Alternative - Sunderland Bunker 23/10/82Sunderland Bunker 23/10/82 (Tape, 1982)

Alternative - War - The Inheritance Of HateWar - The Inheritance Of Hate (Tape, 1983)

Alternative - Live At Vauxhall '84Live At Vauxhall '84 (Tape, 1984)

Alternative - Eat The RichEat The Rich (Tape, 1984)

Alternative - How Dare You!How Dare You! (Tape, 1984)

Alternative - Isolation From OneselfIsolation From Oneself (Tape, 1984)

Alternative / Toxic Shock - Love And Life Love And Life (Tape, c.1984)

Alternative - Just Because The Boot Fits, Doesn't Mean You Have To Wear ItJust Because The Boot Fits, Doesn't Mean You Have To Wear It (Tape, 1985)

Alternative - Touch The EarthTouch The Earth (Tape, 1986)

Alternative - No Government Can Ever Give You FreedomNo Government Can Ever Give You Freedom (Tape, 1987)


Various Artists

Bullshit Detector UK LP 1981 (Crass): Change It

Live 23.10.82 The Bunker UK Tape 1982 (no label): Try To Understand / What Now / Barrier War / Child Of The System / Moral Bondage / Warfear Great Britain / Dellusions

The Animals Packet UK Tape 1983 (Sky & Trees Tapes): Sick Man's Slaughter / Vanity Massacre

"Yes You Guessed It" UK Tape 1983 (Still Dying Tapes): Hawks & Doves / Killing Machine

Religious Vomit UK Tape 1983 (Public Disturbance): Hawks & Doves

Tribal Rantings UK Tape 1983 (Peaceville): How Many Times Sold / Hawks And Doves

Who Is The Enemy? (An Anti War Protest) UK Tape 1983 (Wheatabrain-5): Another Subversive Peace Song

1984 And All That... UK Tape 1980s (no label): Another Subversive Peace Song

A-Sides (Part Two. 1982-1984) UK CD 1992 (Crass): Anti-Christ

Kilt By Death: The Sound Of Old Scotland (1977-1984) ?? 2xCD 2005 (no label): Who's Sussed

Anti-Society: Anarcho Punk Compilation Vol. 3 UK CD 2006 (Overground): Where Are Your Hiroshimas?



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