Various - The Animals Packet

Various - The Animals Packet

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UK Tape 1983 (Sky And Trees Tapes - #1)

1 A.P.F. Brigade - Freak
2 Instigators - All Creatures Great And Small
3 Lost Cherrees - Please Don't Hurt The Animals
4 Antidote - Little By Little
5 Andy T - Vivisection
6 Autumn Poison - Animals Are Not Ours...
7 Alternative - Sick Man's Slaughter
8 Chumbawamba - Animals' Song
9 Daz - No Title
10 The Snails - From Foxhunt To Oblivion
11 Dave Asgrove - Animal Population
12 A.P.F. Brigade - Skin
13 2 Minutes Of Hate - Animal's Death
14 Passion Killers - What Do They Hide?
15 Chumbawamba - No
16 Instigators - Behind Closed Doors
17 2 Way Street - Animal Liberation
18 Antidote - Spot The Difference
19 Attrition - Monkey In A Bin
20 Dave Mills - Another Test
21 Alternative - Vanity Massacre
22 A.P.F. Brigade - Eat Wheat, Not Meat
23 Andy T - Freshly Skinned

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TIM YOHANNAN, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #15: JULY 1984: The cassette itself is only a small part of this package, which includes 'zines, literature, lyrics, pamphlets, addresses, etc., all relating to the horrors of animal slaughter. Even on the tape, all the tracks by the various bands (the INSTIGATORS, CHUMBAWAMBA, ANTIDOTE, ALTERNATIVE, ANDY T, and the LOST CHERREES, to name just a few) are interspersed with bits of information on this topic. Unfortunately, there's very little punk music here; folkish and experimental stuff predominates.

Additional Notes

Super fancy tape/40-page booklet/newspaper/stickers/leaflets package, in a plastic bag.


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