The Apostles - Punk Leftovers

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UK Tape 1987 (Big Banana Productions - BBP 025)

1 Halley's Comet
2 A Rebel Without Conscience
3 Alien Asian, Alien Nation
4 A New World In Our Hearts
5 Libertarian Youth
6 Sleazy
7 Judgment Day Blues
8 Don't Pass The Hat Around
9 A Love That's Died
10 Oh Fuck! Bob's Speeding Again
11 The Silence
12 Some Men Are Born To Rule...
13 The Uniform
14 The New Subhumans
15 Hyde Park
16 Absolution Of Guilt
17 Eric's Detachables
18 The Dispossessed

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Reviews & Opinions

WALTER GLAZER, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #40, SEPTEMBER 1986: Sounds like a more inaccessible version of the SUBHUMANS UK, combining different sounds and thoughtful lyrics. Personally, I liked the words better than the music.

Additional Notes

8th demo, containing leftovers from The Lives And Times Of The Apostles.


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