Attak - Zombies

Attak - Zombies

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Release Information

UK LP 1983 (No Future - PUNK 6)
UK CD 1994 (Captain Oi! - AHOY CD 22)

1 Daga I 2:14
2 Daga II 2:28
3 This Is The Time 1:59
4 Play The Ace 2:39
5 See You In Hell 2:56
6 Big Brother 1:25
7 Zombies 2:23
8 Demon 4:13
9 Trail Of Terror 2:05
10 Face The Slayer 1:41
11 Young And Proud 3:40
12 Wild Thing 2:29
CD Bonus Tracks
13 Blue Patrol 2:29
14 Today's Generation 1:55
15 Hell 2:15
16 No Escape 1:21
17 Murder In The Subway 3:23
18 Future Dreams 1:48
19 Big Brother (Oi! LP Version) 1:18

Chart Placings

Indie Hit: 15,15 wks



Attak are:
Gary - vocals, guitar
Lindsay - drums
Woody - lead guitar, backing vocals
Chad - bass

Recorded at Revolution Studios, Cheadle Hulme
Engineered by Stu Pickering
Produced by Attak and Stu

Additional Credits

Bonus Tracks on CD:

13: From A Country Fit For Heroes compilation LP, released January 1982
14-16: Today’s Generation E.P., released April 1982
17-18: Murder In The Subway 7", released October 1982
19: From Oi! Oi! That's Yer Lot! compilation LP, released 1982

Reviews & Opinions

BEN FLEET, PUNK LIVES #8, 1983: Attak have taken over exactly where Blitz left off, or to be more exact messed up! [click here for full review]

TIM YOHANNAN, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #8, SEPTEMBER 1983: This record is better than alot of the LPs being produced by the most recent generations of British punk bands. The guitar-enhancing production here is up to the usual U.K. standard, but these guys have more energy than most of their plodding contemporaries. On the other hand, the lyrics aren't too interesting.

PUNKY GIBBON: After two decidedly mediocre singles, an album which is just more of the same. Although it has a couple of bright spots ('DAGA' and 'Young & Proud' - and even this goes on for too long), and benefits from Gary's gravelly vocals and clear production, this record is entirely bereft of inspiration, with the group trotting out the same tired barre-chords on every song. The only variety is that some songs are played faster than others, and a couple of of tunes ('DAGA II', 'Demon') which feature extended instrumental passages where nothing really happens (they just play the main riff over and over). Even the faster songs tend to drag, which may be partly down to Lindsay's repetitive drumming, but even Rat Scabies would struggle with artless nonsense like 'Face The Slayer', the awful title track, and a really weak version of Wild Thing'.

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Attak - Zombies - UK LP 1983 (No Future - PUNK 6) Attak - Zombies UK LP 1983 (No Future - PUNK 6) Back

UK LP 1983 (No Future - PUNK 6). Click here for more

Attak - Zombies - UK CD 1994 (Captain Oi! - AHOY CD 22)Attak - Zombies - UK CD 1994 (Captain Oi! - AHOY CD 22) Tray

UK CD 1994 (Captain Oi! - AHOY CD 22). Click here for more


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