Born: John Baine, October 1957

A "ranting poet" from Harlow (home of The Newtown Neurotics, who backed him occasionally), Attila The Stockbroker really was a stockbroker. A perennial support act in the early '80s for the likes of The Jam and New Model Army, he was one of several John Cooper Clarke/Clash-inspired wordsmiths who cropped up at punk shows at the time, others including Swift Nick, that twat Phil Jupitus and Seething Wells (with whom he recorded).

Ranting At The Nation (More Poems About Flatfish And Russians) has one top punk tune ('Holiday In Albania', a rip-off of the Buzzcocks' 'Walking Distance'), a couple of songs using medieval instrumentation, and a surfeit of absurd social commentary delivered in a jackhammer Ben Elton style. Running gags about kippers, Russians and the Human League quickly become tiresome. To these ears, it just seems horribly smug and self-satisfied.

Attila The Stockbroker - - I Don't Talk To Pop StarsAttila the Stockbroker Gig ReviewAttila and Seething Wells

ABOVE LEFT: Punk Lives article and gig review; RIGHT Attila (seated) and Seething Wells signing debut EP (Picture from Attila's official site)

Later albums include Libyan Students From Hell (1987), Scornflakes (1988), Live At The Rivoli (1990) and Donkeys' Years (1991). In the same year as the latter he teamed up with John Otway on Cheryl - A Rock Opera, a stage production about "Satanism, trainspotting and unrequited love", spawning an album of the same name.

I have to plead ignorance to his other material, although in the mid-90's he formed a proper band, Barnstormer, with members of The Fabulous Fish Brothers, playing punk with medieval instruments (anyone know what a crumhorn is?).

The Pen & The Sword: Selected Songs - 1981-1995 is a compilation which was unavailable in the normal outlets, being issued via his website or sold at gigs. He has also written for The Guardian, Time Out, NME, and Sounds, as well as the following books: Cautionary Tales For Dead Commuters (1986), Scornflakes (1992), The Rat-Tailed Maggot And Other Poems (1998) and Goldstone Ghosts (2001).

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Singles & Albums / Extraneous Releases / Various Artists

Subsequent studio albums: Libyan Students From Hell (1987), Scornflakes (1988), Donkeys' Years (1991), Cheryl - A Rock Opera (with John Otway, 1991). This Is Free Europe (1991), 668: Neighbour Of The Beast (1992), Restoration Tragedy (2018, as Barnstormer 1649). Be aware that Poems Ancient And Modern: A Live Anthology 1981-1999 was recorded entirely in 1999.

No scanPhasing Out Capitalism (Tape, 1981)

Attila The Stockbroker / Seething Wells - Rough, Raw & Ranting E.P.Rough, Raw & Ranting (7", split with Seething Wells, 1982)

Attila The Stockbroker - Cocktails EPCocktails EP (7", 1982)

Attila The Stockbroker - Ranting At The Nation - More Poems About Flatfish And RussiansRanting At The Nation (More Poems About Flatfish And Russians) (LP, 1983)

Attila The Stockbroker - Radio Rap!Radio Rap! (12", 1984)

Attila The Stockbroker - Sawdust And EmpireSawdust And Empire (LP, 1984)

Extraneous Releases

Attila The stockbroker - Greatest HitsGreatest Hits (Tape, 1993)

Attila The Stockbroker - The Pen & The Sword: Selected Songs - 1981-1995 The Pen & The Sword: Selected Songs - 1981-1995 (CD, 1999)

Attila The Stockbroker - Spirit Of The AgeSpirit Of The Age (CD, 2008)

Various Artists

Oi! Oi! That's Yer Lot! UK LP 1982 (Secret): Willie Whitelaws Willie / Away Day

Poetry Olympics Vol. 1 UK LP 1982 (All Around): They Must Be Russians / Russians In The DHSS

Pillows & Prayers UK LP 1982 (Cherry Red): A Bang And A Wimpey

Burning Ambitions (A History Of Punk) UK 2xLP 1982 (Cherry Red): Russians In The DHSS

Son Of Oi! UK LP 1983 (Syndicate): Andy Is A Corporatist/Mindless Version

Viva La Revolution! UK 2xLP 1985 (Cambra): Holiday In Albania

Rock Army Fraction France LP 1986 (Bondage): The Ballad Of Comrade Enver

God Save Us From The USA UK LP 1987 (Happy Mike): Libyan Students From Hell

Alle Dagen Beest - Live In De Zwarte Zaag Netherlands Tape 1987 (De Zwarte Zaag): Holiday In Albania / I'm So Miserable / Radiorap [all three tracks recorded 20/9/86]

Punk - Past, Present And Future ... The Released Emotions Compilation (1988-1993) UK CD 1993 (Released Emotions): Washington Bullets

Oi! Oi! That's Yer Lot! / Back On The Streets EP UK CD 1993 (Step-1): Willie Whitelaws Willie / Away Day



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