Authorities - Stockton, California

Formed: Stockton, California, USA, as The Defectors

According to their MySpace bio, "Chris Isaak tried out for the band (long before he was famous), but Nick and Brian didn't let him in because he couldn't play guitar fast enough", and original singer Dexter (Neil Schafer) was booted out after pulling a knife on his bandmates. Apart from all that, Soundtrack For Trouble is a semi-classic piece of US hardcore, very fast but distinguished by very clear vocals and very strong tunes. That's a lot of verys, I know".

They have reformed and recorded a few times since.



Subsequent studio albums: Kung Pao Au Go-Go (2011).


Authorities - Soundtrack For TroubleSoundtrack For Trouble (7", 1982)

Extraneous Releases

The Authorities - Puppy Love Puppy Love (LP/CD, 1995)

Various Artists

We Got Power: Party Or Go Home US LP 1983 (Mystic): I Hate Cops

The Sound Of Hollywood #3 - COPulation US LP 1984 (Mystic): I Hate Cops

Drinking About Songs US 2xLP 2003 (Very Small): Song About Drinking

Killed By Death (Rare Punk 77-82) US LP 1989 (Redrum): Radiation Masturbation / I Hate Cops



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