Bad Religion - Back To The Known

Bad Religion - Back To The Known

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UK/US One-Sided 12" 1985 (Epitaph - EPI-BREP-2)

1 Yesterday 2:39
2 Frogger 1:20
3 Bad Religion 2:11
4 Along The Way 1:36
5 New Leaf 2:53

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Greg Graffin - lead & backing vocals, acoustic guitar on New leaf
Tim Gallegos - bass
Greg Hetson - guitars
Pete Finestone - drums

Produced by Brett Gurewitz & Greg Graffin
Engineered by Brett Gurewitz
Recorded & mixed at Pacifica Studios, LA, CA

Reviews & Opinions

DOGTOWNE, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #22, FEBRUARY 1985: After releasing that ridiculous "Into the Unknown" LP last year, most bands would have broken up and hid their faces forever. But these brave fellows buckle under and come back with this five-song EP that has them on the road to recovery. While nowhere as good as their debut, it's a promising restart. (New band has Greg Hetson of CIRCLE JERKS.

Additional Notes

All tracks appear on Side B (Side A is blank). Pressed in the UK and distributed in the USA by Suite Beat.


Bad Religion - Back To The Known - UK 12" 1985 (Epitaph - EPI-BREP-2)Bad Religion - Back To The Known - UK 12" 1985 (Epitaph - EPI-BREP-2)

UK/US 12" 1985 (Epitaph - EPI-BREP-2). Click here for more


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