The Deceased - Boredom

The Deceased - Boredom

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UK 7" 2019 (Love Child Records - GAG009)

1 Boredom 2:54
2 Bullshit Detector 2:47

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Recorded at Twilight Sound Studios
Salford. 1983.

Additional Credits

Hatty - guitar
Gassy - vocals
Eddie - drums
Poddy - bass

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: Standard UK82 fare, played at mid-speed on the A-Side (where the singer sounds like a cross between Carl from Blitz and Colin from G.B.H.), and pretty quickly on the B-Side, which generates more excitement than the A-Side and is my pick of the two. Fans of this type of stuff will want to get this one.

Additional Notes

FROM YOUTUBE: Love Child Records is very excited about this latest release - two slabs of raucous, angry, frustrated, tense examples of Punk muisc in '83 "Boredom" sums up what it was like living for many of the U.K.s youth at the time in this country "lost in apathy, lost your way. The only way out is another day" whilst the flip is another example of the fear that gripped many people with the threat of nuclear weapons "i don't wanna fucking die" 250 7" copies only in '77 style DIY sleeves Superbly masterd by Dan Husayn who has worked miracles on all the Love Child releases


The Deceased - Boredom - UK 7" 2019 (Love Child Records - GAG009) The Deceased - Boredom - UK 7" 2019 (Love Child Records - GAG009)

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