Faction - London Punk Band on Bluurg

Formed: London, England, UK

Anarcho punksters from London formed by vocalist Sue Huntley and bassist Rob Challice (both ex-Anthrax) and drummer Martin (ex-Primal Chaos). Andy Martin of The Apostles played lead guitar with them for a short time, during which they performed twice at the Wapping Autonomy Centre (once with Conflict), and released what A System Partly Revealed fanzine described as "a near legendary tape, 8 Reasons For Wearing Wellies In Erith, [that] was deleted after a massive 4 copies with an extortionate selling price at 7 1/2p"). Andy Martin was replaced by Paul Az, who was also a member of This Bitter Lesson.

Faction: "The aims of Faction, both musically and lyrically, vary a great deal with the individual members. Hopefully we can obtain a compromise between entertainment and an original way of putting over our message without falling into the pit of playing second hand tunes with "I've heard it all before lyrics".

Sue left in early 1983, following the release of the cassette only Through The Window. 1984's You've Got The Fire featured a radically altered lineup.



Singles & Albums

Faction - You've Got The FireYou've Got The Fire (7", 1984)

Demos & Tapes

Subhumans / Faction - Live At The Moonlight Club 23/08/82Live At The Moonlight Club 23/08/82 (Tape, split with Subhumans, 1982)

Faction - Through The WindowThrough The Window (Tape, demo, 1982)

Faction - If They Give You Ruled Paper... Write The Other WayIf They Give You Ruled Paper... Write The Other Way (Tape, demo, 1983)

D&V / Faction - Live Paris: OverseizuresLive Paris: Overseizures (Tape, split with D&V, 1984)

Various Artists

No No No Don't Drop Yer Bombs On Us They 'urt UK Tape 1983 (96 Tapes): Paranoia Storm

Rising Free UK Tape 1983 (V.I.S.A.): Obligatory War Song / Drowning Rats / All That Glitters / Blinded By The Dark / Turn Away

We Control The Zig-Zag UK Tape (Vegan Policeman): tracks unknown

Tribal Rantings UK Tape 1983 (Peaceville): Realization / Obligatory War Song

Dandelions, Fur Coats And Rainbows UK Tape 1984 (Nondescript Tapes): Only You / Tears Of A Madman

No More Bondage UK Tape 1984 (Dis 1984): Realisation

In The Old Days...No.7 UK Tape 1987 (RAC Cassettes): Hello You Bastard / Nazi Baby / Subversive Sect / Fuck Faction / Hello, You Bastard / Tomorrow Belong To Us / Substandard

Inner Ear Damage Mexico Tape (Death For Profit): tracks unknown

What's New UK Tape (BBP): tracks unknown

Nuclear Terra Tape 1983 : tracks unknown

Anti-War: Anarcho Punk Compilation Vol. 1 UK CD 2005 (Overground): Obligatory War Song

1980-1982 In The Old Days! UK Tape ???? (BBP Records & Tapes): Hello You Bastard / Nazi Baby / Subversive Sect / Fuck Faction / Hello, You Bastard / Tomorrow Belong To Us / Substandard



Terminal Escape - This blog has an excellent download that is a must for fans of the group


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