Second Wind, Washington DC Punk

Formed: Washington D.C., USA

Second Wind, Washington DC Punk

Great hardcore band which sounded exactly like Minor Threat, which was no surprise as Steve Hangsen was guitarist for that band in its later days (he also played with Government Issue, Weatherhead and Emmapee). Vocalist Rich Moore and bassist Bert Queiroz also played in Untouchables and Double-O, the latter played with Youth Brigade, and drummer Mike Brown was also in United Mutation.

NOTE: Band photo on this page from Pay No More Than Blog.



Singles & Albums

Second Wind - SecuritySecurity (12", 1984)

Demos / Tapes

Second Wind - DemoDemo (Tape, 1984)


Artificial Peace / Second Wind - Split LPSplit LP (LP, split with Artificial Peace)

Various Artists

Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes 2 Japan CD 2005 (no label) - Contains the whole of the Security 12". Bootleg





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