Splodgenessabounds - Splodgenessabounds

Splodgenessabounds - Splodgenessabounds LP

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UK LP 1981 (Deram - SML 1121)
UK CD 2001 (Captain Oi! - AHOY CD 180)

1 The Malcolm Opera 5:43
2 Whimsy Zoom Zoom 3:27
3 It's That Sound 0:23
4 I Fell In Love With A Female Plumber From Harlesden NW10 2:30
5 Anarchy Chaos Stanley Ogden 2:26
6 Blown Away Like A Fart In A Thunderstorm 1:49
7 Poison Babies vs. Batman (Featuring The Pints) 4:56
8 Two Little Boys 3:27
9 Rolf 1:41
10 I've Got Lots Of Famous People Lying Under The Floorboards Of My Humble Abode 2:32
11 Porky Scratchings 0:51
12 Simon Templer 2:39
13 Desert Island Joe (Featuring Des O'Island) 2:10
14 What's That Funny Noise? 1:44
15 Wiffy Smells 1:52
16 Two Pints (Dub) 3:22
CD Bonus Tracks
17 Michael Booth's Talking Bum 2:34
18 Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps Please 2:13
19 We're Pathetique 2:20
20 Isubaleene (Part 2) 3:25
21 Saying Goodbye To His Horse 1:24
22 Sox 2:02
23 The Butterfly Song 2:07
24 Bicycle Seat 3:26
25 Cowpunk Medlum 2:40
26 Brown Paper 2:02
27 Have You Got A Light Boy? 2:07
28 Morning Milky 3:37
29 Yarmouth Five O 0:47
30 Brown Paper (Dub) 1:21

Chart Placings




Max Splodge - vocals
Baby Greensleeves - vocals, harmonies
Pat Thetic Von Dale Chiptooth 'I'd Rather Be In India' Nobile - best guitar
Miles Runt Flat - worst guitar
Winston Forbe - keyboards
Wiffy Archer - sax
Roger Over 'n' Out Rodent - bass
Desert Island Joe Lurche Slythe - coconuts
Pintsman McPierce - nothing

In The Studio:
Special Thanks:
Kevin Armstrong - guitar on 'Whimsy Zoom Zoom'; guitar , bass, drums on 'Two Pints (Dub)'
Billy Jenkins - violin on 'Malcolm's Mum'
Gary Holton - backing vocals on 'Wiffy Smells'
Caroline - backing vocals on 'What's That Funny Noise?'
Mrs Wimburne - byrons on 'Poison Babies vs. Batman'
Howard & Kate - lending of Abbo Instrument

Produced by Max Splodge & Rick at The Workshop Studios, Old Kent Road



Mastered by Tim Turan

Additional Credits

CD Bonus Tracks:
17-18: B-Side of Simon Templer 7", originally released May 1980
19-20: From Strength Thru Oi! compilation LP, originally released May 1981
21-23: From Two Little Boys 7", originally released September 1980
24: A-Side of Bicycle Seat 7", originally released December 1980
25-30: Cowpunk Medlum 7", originally released May 1981

Reviews & Opinions

DAVID HEPWORTH, SMASH HITS, FEB 5 -18, 1981: This, I am reliably informed, is a "comedy" album. I suppose if you've got the IQ of a stick insect you might be inclined towards the occasional grin, though if you find songs about "snot", "bums" and "farting" a trifle infantile I suggest you avoid this pile of bilge like the plague. Includes their two wildly hilarious singles, both good, and their rib tickling opera about 'Malcolm's Mum'. A side-splitter for cretins everywhere. (3 out of 10).

IRA ROBBINS, TROUSER PRESS, 1987: Drummer-turned-singer Max Splodge led this fiercely tasteless London joke which actually scored a couple of UK hits in 1980. The rest of the crew on the eponymous debut sports names like Miles Runt Flat and Pat Thetic Von Dale Chiptooth Noble. The record includes an order form for such delectables as "moulded bum logo badge" and is generally concerned with various bodily functions and scatological maladies (not to be confused with scat melodies!), with only the scantest trace of humor. Except for some clever song titles, this is utterly worthless tripe.

DAVE THOMPSON, ALL MUSIC GUIDE (CD reissue review): A straightforward reissue of the mighty Splodge's debut album, bolstered by sufficient bonus tracks (14) to transform it into a virtual anthology of the band's entire early-'80s catalog, from the U.K. hits 'Two Pints of Lager,' 'Two Little Boys,' and 'Cowpunk Medlum,' through to their contributions to the legendary Strength Thru Oi! compilation album. It's a wild and riotous ride, utterly absurd but absolutely captivating -- 'Michael Booth's Talking Bum' remains one of the most memorable farting songs ever unveiled, rivaled only by the wiffy-ridden sentiments of 'Blown Away Like a Fart in a Thunderstorm,' while such slabs of whimsy as 'I Fell in Love With a Female Plumber From Harlesden NW10' and 'I've Got Lots of Famous People Living Under the Floor Boards of Humble Abode' are as intriguing as their ridiculously overlong titles. 'Anarchy Chaos Stanley Ogden' immortalizes one of British television's best-loved soap operatics; 'Rolf' pays tribute to the Australian wobble-board virtuoso who wrote the preceding 'Two Little Boys'...the madness truly does go on forever. Collectors will thrill to discover not only the B-sides to the band's first four singles, but also such treasures as the 'Yarmouth 5-0' flexi-disc, and the hitherto 12"-only 'Sox' and 'The Butterfly Song,' while music historians find their attention drawn to 'We're Pathetique,' Splodge's rallying call for a musical genre which precious few people even remember today. But the Punk Pathetique movement spawned not only Splodge, but also such joys as the Toy Dolls and Peter & the Test Tube Babies, and is still has an impact today. Max Splodge -- architect of the universe? Why not.

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Splodgenessabounds - Splodgenessabounds - UK LP 1981 (Deram - SML 1121)Splodgenessabounds - Splodgenessabounds - UK LP 1981 (Deram - SML 1121)

UK LP 1981 (Deram - SML 1121). Green, orange, pink or yellow back cover. Click here for more

Splodgenessabounds - Splodgenessabounds- UK CD 2001 (Captain Oi! - AHOY CD 180)Splodgenessabounds - Splodgenessabounds- UK CD 2001 (Captain Oi! - AHOY CD 180)

UK CD 2001 (Captain Oi! - AHOY CD 180). Click here for more


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