U.K. Subs - She's Not There

U.K. Subs - She's Not There

Original Release Date


Release Information

UK 7" 1979 (Gem - GEMS 14)

1 She's Not There 1:37
2 Kicks 1:53
3 Victim 0:58
4 The Same Thing 1:22

Chart Placings

UK Chart Hit: 36, 7 wks


1, 2, 4: Produced by Nicky Garratt
3: Produced by John McCoy
Recorded at:
Alvic Sound Studio, Engineer, Steve Smith
Kingsway Studio, Engineer, Paul 'Chas' Watkins

Additional Credits

Charlie Harper - vocals on tracks 2-4
Nicky Garratt - guitar
Paul Slack - bass, lead vocals track1
Pete Davies - drums

Reviews & Opinions

DAVID HEPWORTH, SMASH HITS, NOV 29 - DEC 12, 1979: Older readers may recall that a few years ago there was a thing called "punk rock". It was very fast, very loud and very tasteless. After a while most of the people who played it got bored and moved on to different things. Both these bands are revival bands with about as much to do with the real thing as Showwaddywaddy have with rock 'n' roll. They talk endlessly about being the music of now but they're as dated as you can get, trying desperately for hits with appalling revivals of sixties songs like The Zombies' 'She's Not There' in this case. The Cockney Rejects are too dim to even do that; they're too loud, too fast, too bad and much too late. [Joint review of 'She's Not There' and Cockney Rejects' I'm Not A Fool.]

PUNKY GIBBON: The above Smash Hits review is absolute bollocks, of course. This EP presents four choppy punk tunes blasted out at breakneck speed, the title track boasting a rare lead vocal by Paul Slack. At this point, the band seem unstoppable.

Additional Notes

Green or black vinyl.


U.K. Subs - She's Not There - UK 7" 1979 (Gem - GEMS 14)U.K. Subs - She's Not There - UK 7" 1979 (Gem - GEMS 14)

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