Various - Battle Of The Bands

Various - Battle Of The Bands

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UK 2x7” 1979 (Good Vibrations - GOT 7)

1 The Outcasts - The Cops Are Comin' 3:01
2 Idiots - Parents 1:54
3 Rudi - Overcome By Fumes 2:35
4 Spider - Dancing In The Streets 2:11

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The world's first 14" midnite Black vinyl picture disc, 2 colour gatefold sleeve, not available on cassette or 8 track, recorded on Super Mono, rush released after 9 months from a movie with a different name. Extensive press, TV and Radio campaign plus window and instore full colour posters, streamers, ballons [sic] and polystyrene cut outs of the groups. Song books and Video Tapes of the groups will never be available. This record is dedicated to (I) Those groups who are about to sell out and should know better, (II) The guys at the top of the record industry sitting at their desks with Telephones wondering who to bribe/take to lunch to discuss the future of some poor kids with stars in their eyes who will be on the scrap heap next year (III) Rip off managers and agents (IV) Rip off venues and promoters (V) Rip off labels (VI) Mediabiz

Richard Branson, Chris Blackwell, Malcolm McClaren, Semore [sic] Stein, Bhaskar Menon - Eat your heart out!
Good Vibes have no street credibility
No strangle, no satisfaction

All songs recorded at Wizard Studios, Belfast.

THE UNDERTONES were to be on this E.P. but got signed to a better company. Spider took there [sic] place.
THE IDIOTS were signed up by TERRI HOOLEY after their first ever gig which was after only one practice.
THE OUTCASTS have a large following un Belfast, but would be a lot hapier [sic] if they could get Terri to live on the North Pole.
RUDI: These lads have a great future if this Arab gets his way. RUDI happy to be in LONDON after from the shitty Good Vibes label.
SPIDER: We don't really know who these guys are. We have never heard them play, and only met one of to hear them someday. WHO are the Spidermen.

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: This EP contains four newly recorded tracks, with The Outcasts' brilliant 'The Cops Are Comin'' far and away the best cut. Idiots are in second place with the moronic but charming 'Parents'. Spider has a cool punk sound but the corny rock lyrics suggestive of the song title 'Dancing In The Streets'. Rudi's song is pretty weedy tinpot punk-pop, a real shame after their excellent debut single.

Additional Notes

The images below are for the first pressing: two different colours, early editions of which were hand-numbered (by stamps) on the front.


Various - Battle Of The Bands - UK 2x7” 1979 (Good Vibrations - GOT 7)Various - Battle Of The Bands - UK 2x7” 1979 (Good Vibrations - GOT 7)

Yelllow/Black sleeve. Click here for more

Various - Battle Of The Bands - UK 2x7” 1979 (Good Vibrations - GOT 7)Various - Battle Of The Bands - UK 2x7” 1979 (Good Vibrations - GOT 7)

Black/White sleeve. Click here for more


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