Various - Room To Move

Various - Room To Move

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UK 7" 1980 (Energy/Good Vibrations - NRG-1)

1 The Outcasts - Cyborg 3:06
2 Shock Treatment - Belfast Telegraph 2:20
3 The Vipers - Take Me 2:46
4 Big Self - Snakes And Ladders 3:35

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Special Thanks to Terry Hooley, Mulligan Records, Dublin and Kieran McWilliams.

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PUNKY GIBBON: Four recordings, each exclusive to this release. The Vipers play power pop, rather boringly as it happens. Shock Treatment sound like rock/pub rock but played faster and a bit angrier, with a tune extremely reminiscent of 'Quick Joey Small'. That leaves Big Self and The Outcasts to provide some proper punk thrills, and they do, even if 'Cyborg' is one of The Outcasts' worst songs (great voice and guitar sound, though). 'Snakes And Ladders' is maybe bit lacking in character vocally, but it has a really catchy chorus and a fantastically spikey guitar solo.

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Various - Room To Move - UK 7" 1980 (Energy/Good Vibrations - NRG-1)Various - Room To Move - UK 7" 1980 (Energy/Good Vibrations - NRG-1)

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